Using Niche Social Bookmarking Sites

The immense popularity of social bookmarking sites today and the growing demand of internet marketers to be read and seen online have paved the way for what are known as niche social bookmarking sites. Niche social bookmaking sites differentiate its self from the usual social bookmarking sites that we use today by focusing on a certain “target” subject or topic (such as business social bookmarking sites). Unlike other bookmarking sites that are universal and general, niche bookmarking sites allow you to share content with the right topics, for the right audience.

Niche social bookmarking sites are often smaller than other social bookmarking sites because they have narrowed down their contributors as well as their audience. Despite being small, niche social bookmarking sites offer one very important advantage – they make sure that you get your message across people you want to relay your message to.

The key to effectively using niche bookmarking sites is to know your niche. Prior to looking for the right site, finalize what niche you are focusing on – whether it’s blogging, small business, internet marketing, etc. That is, even if they don’t offer Do-follow backlinks or have a large audience with a high page rank, they are still your niche. With big sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Squidoo, Delicious, it may seem impossible to be noticed and get to the home page. But niche social bookmarking sites will help you focus on the market you desire.

Another benefit of using niche social bookmarking sites is that you can learn from the best people in your niche because you share the same ideas and sentiments. As a general rule, if you are a part of a group that shares the same goal, then you can help each other develop. This is what people in niche social bookmarking sites do, they help each other out to get the popularity, and thus, drive more traffic to their websites.

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer, here are some niche social bookmarking sites that are worth your time:

  • Blokube is a community for blogging news, search engine/internet marketing, SEO, SEM, make money online, business news, web development, web design, link building, WordPress, and others.
  • Blog Interact is a community for those interested in blogs and multimedia topics like bloggers, writers, photo and video journalists, where they can submit their favorite stories, photos, or videos, and interact with each other. The categories include blogging, business, SEO/SEM, lifestyle, web design and so on.
  • Blog Engage focuses on bloggers (for most categories like design, blogging tips, entertainment, sports, gaming, health and fitness, business, science, technology, news and others) wherein they can submit articles for review and promotion. They also have regular guest blogging contests which can help you promote your blog to others.
  • BizSugar targets news and tips for small businesses, which include business startups, finance, franchises, marketing, legal affairs, management, technology, etc.
  • SERPd is more often used by professionals in SEO, SEM, internet marketing, linkbuilding, WordPress, Google, Bing, Analytics, web development, and website design.


These sites and any other niche social bookmarking site can help you generate more traffic (and sales). They also help in keeping you indexed as thousands of visitors will not only visit your site; they would also share it!

How to Use Niche Social Bookmarking Sites

In using niche social bookmarking sites effectively, one must always be consistent in submitting articles with a consistent theme that is synonymous to that niche market. Remember to submit content that is informative, with an appealing title, and interesting description, and keep in mind that you will mostly receive comments if you frequently comment on other people’s articles. This deeds will definitely help you build your network easily and let your site rank highly (if it is bookmarked a lot of times).

Mark Daoust is the owner of Quiet Light Brokerage, an Internet business broker who helps people sell their websites.

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