Twitter WordPress Plugins for Increased Traffic


What can Twitter WordPress Plugins do for You?

If you are working within the WordPress platform you may want to use at least one of the Twitter WordPress plugins. This can help you gain backlinks to your blog or website and it can also help you to gain exposure. There are many different choices when it comes to plugins to help you interact with your Twitter page and you need to understand the benefits of using them.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites and many people, including celebrities and athletes, use it to keep their followers updated on what they are doing. You can do the same thing, but use it to keep your followers updated on what you are doing and what is happening with your blog or website.

Using one of the Twitter WordPress plugins means you will be able to announce every single new post that goes out to your blog or website. This can bring you instant traffic from your followers on Twitter and it can give you long term ranking power on the search engines as well. You will get a backlink every single time a post goes out the Twitter and this gives you more power in the rankings.

5 of the Most Popular Twitter WordPress Plugins

1. TweetBacks

This plugin does a bit of the opposite for you by importing any Tweets you make on your Twitter page as comments on your blog posts. You can gain better ranking by getting more comments on your blog and this will help you to get more comments. Google likes to see an active blog and this helps to show that your blog is very active.

2. Tweet Meme

Another one of the Twitter WordPress plugins to consider is Tweet Meme. This will show how many Tweets your blog post has got and it will give your visitors the opportunity to retweet your post on their page. If you use this you can actually get your post Tweeted out to many pages without doing anything.

3. Twitter Feed

The plugin that will allow you to post a link to each of your posts to your Twitter page is Twitter Feed. Once it is set up all you have to do is select to share the post on Twitter and when it goes live it will send a link along with the title of the post to your Twitter page. This will allow all of your follower the opportunity to see your new post.

4. Twit This

Twit This is a pretty simple plugin and it will allow your blog to click a graphic or a text link to share you blog post on their Twitter page. There are a few plugins that will do this for you and you may want to test a few of them to make sure you are getting the graphic you prefer on your site.

5. Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is much more complete than any of the other plugins. You can create an actual blog post from each of your Tweets, create a weekly or daily digests of your Tweets as a post, share all new posts on your Twitter page, post a Tweet from your sidebar or from the WordPress Admin screen, and archive your Twitter Tweets every 10 minutes.

The Benefits you Get from Using Twitter WordPress Plugins

Your site or blog will have the ability to get more traffic, more backlinks, and keep all of your Twitter followers up to date on what is going on. With the ability to use Twitter and your WordPress blog together you will be able to do much more than if you don’t leverage the power of Twitter.

You can improve your offsite search engine optimization and you can gain fast traffic by sharing your posts on Twitter. There are many other benefits you can get from using the different plugins above. The best thing you can do is try out some of the Twitter WordPress plugins and figure out which ones you like best.

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