Why Your Website Needs You To Improve Search Engine Placement

How to improve search engine placement is the question many web owners seek to answer for the benefit of their websites. They realize that improving their placement in the search engines will guarantee their websites will be seen by far more prospective customers, will generate more traffic to their sites,  and more than likely will generate more sales for their business.

It is often said that a website that is found in the first ten positions on the first page in Google will be seen by 85% of prospective visitors who are searching for the keyword that your site is optimized for. The higher on that first page a website is the more people will access the results pages of that site. So the aim of the webmaster then, is to work to ensure that his website acquires a position that is as high as possible on the first page of Google.

Proper SEO, or search engine optimization, is the tool that must be used to gain a better SE placement for your site. In doing so, the following pointers should be borne in mind:

Tips to Improve SE Placement

  • Link Navigation – All the webpages on the website should be indexed in the search engines in order for them all to receive a good SE placement. You should incorporate a text linking system on the site or create a sitemap on the website.
  • Keyword Use – Also important to the achievement of good SE placement is the manner in which the key phrases and the keywords are positioned in the content of the webpages. This is a must for the best ranking.
  • The needed placement for the keywords in the content is in the title and as close to the beginning of it if possible, in the opening paragraph of the content, again as close to the beginning of it if possible, and also in the last paragraph of the content. Meta tags are important and placing the keywords in these will also be counted by Google.
  • Inbound Links – Increased placement can also be achieved by the presence of inbound links to the webpages. The most important aspect of inbound links is that they should be from sites that contain relevant subject matter to the content of the webpage, and the content on the site from which the link is achieved, should be useful and quality content. The more quality links, the more the site will benefit, and the quantity is not as important.
  • Website Design Quality – Where web design is concerned, Google will be looking for a combination of an attractive website that is at the same time search engine friendly, user friendly, and easily navigated. The Meta tags and titles should contain the keyword the site is being optimized for and they should be accurate and relevant to the topic of the content.
  • Google relies on this information to know how to index the site in its databases, and if the information received is confusing and inaccurate then increased placement would not be possible.

Maintaining a constantly high placement is very important because of the fierce competition your website faces with others who are in the same industry and are competing for the same keywords. In certain circumstances, such as affiliate marketing, the competing sites are often exactly alike in structure and design, so it is important to give your site a slight advantage to gain a better positioning than all the others.

The above pointers on how to improve search engine placement should help you gain greater visibility in the search engines, if they are followed consistently. By far the best way to ensure  your website maintains a high placement in the search engines is to keep yourself updated on the changes that Google frequently makes in its algorithms, and then analyze your sites to see if and how you can make adjustments to comply with the changes.

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