Are You A Barrier To Your Business

Often it is necessary to identify the existence of an issue by admitting that it is there before you can truly begin to overcome it. This applies to many different areas of life, but in the business world it is a particularly pressing issue because you will want to eliminate any barriers blocking the growth of your enterprise. Thankfully, when the barrier is formed by the lack of flexibility in your working conditions you will have a surprisingly large number of options to help you overcome such restrictions.

Flexible working solutions come in many different formats, but some of the most important are the benefits of cloud computing and business broadband, as well as the advances that can be made if you switch to a contemporary telephone system with advanced call-routing capabilities.

Cloud adoption has been increasing exponentially in recent years, but your ability to access services based on cloud platforms relies to a significant degree on the availability of high-speed business broadband. This is because sluggish connections will eliminate the positives of the cloud and make it harder, not easier, for you to store data and run applications using external services. A solid business broadband connection should be the foundation of any modern office.

This ethos should also apply to your home if possible, because cloud-enabled facilities such as remote working will be able to operate regardless of location. This means you can get on with your day-to-day activities whether you are in the office or at home for some reason. This additional flexibility allows you to account for multiple eventualities and ensure continuity within your business even when you are not on the premises.

This in turn leads to the improved flexibility which comes when working out in the field. Sales staff who are constantly on the move can now access the internet at high speed from their smart phones, tablets and laptops thanks to mobile broadband. This makes it worthy of investment and means that enterprise users will no longer have to rely on hotel business centers or expensive public Wi-Fi hotspots. Both mobile and remote workers can harness cloud-computing platforms provided you give them the kind of network access that will streamline the process.

Of course, security needs to be taken into account. But if you are operating in a virtualized environment and not reliant on in-house hardware, then improving protection levels should be a painless process for which you need not take direct responsibility. Improvements in flexibility do not have to come at the expense of safety, nor at a greater cost.

When it comes to telephone systems, VoIP services which replace traditional PSTN set-ups will allow for a number of improvements. Systems from firms such as Mitel can be set to automatically route calls to a home phone number or mobile handset as if they were simply extensions on the internal network. This means you will never be out of touch, even if you move out of the office and begin using a different primary means for communication. The distinctions between working in the office and working on the move will be blurred and you can relinquish the bonds which previously kept you at your desk waiting for that all-important call.

The kind of agility and resilience which is provided by cloud computing and VoIP services, which are in turn channelled through high-speed business broadband connections, would not have been available in the past. But now that such functions are here today, it would be unwise to ignore the potential that they offer for flexibility in the working environment – wherever that may be.

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