Effective Email Marketing Strategy to Implement Right Now


Effective Emailing Strategy to Convert Subscribers to Buyers

One the best strategies a marketer can use in his business is to create a list of buyers. This process can be enhanced by an effective email marketing strategy that works to ensure that the needs of the customers on his list are anticipated and taken care of, and this will not only aid their retention but will also convert them to buyers.

Because a customer has opted in to receive a marketer’s emails, does not automatically mean that he will be responsive to the advertising and willing to purchase products that are suggested to him in the emails.

By the same token, an email list of 500 subscribers may produce more sales for the marketer than a list of 5,000, depending on how effectively the subscribers on the list are converting to buyers.

What follows gives some helpful tips on how to convert subscribers to buyers of your products or the products you promote as an affiliate.

Tips to Convert Subscribers to Buyers

  • Identify your customers’ needs and respond by providing helpful information and advice. You should take the approach of “look at this information – I believe it will help you”, rather than be constantly marketing products to them with every email.
  • Always provide good content first and then softly sell to them by suggesting that a particular product would be of assistance to them.
  • Be selective in the products that you offer, and only promote products to your list that you really believe in and have used yourself.
  • Personalize your emails to your subscribers and address them by their first names. So instead of “Dear Subscriber”, use instead “Dear Mary”. This can be easily achieved through the proper editing in the autoresponder you use to automate the process of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Other ways to personalize your emails is to introduce yourself to your subscriber when he first becomes a part of your list. Make a photograph of yourself available for him to see and say a little about who you are and what you will be doing for those on your list.
  • Make your emails short, to the point and interesting, no one will take the time to read a long boring email.
  • Use other means of keeping in touch with your customers. You could use FaceBook and Twitter to connect with them. Encourage them to connect with you on those platforms by placing the icons on your websites and in your emails.
  • Use the tracking available to you to track the activities of your most active subscribers. These are the ones who open your emails and are following your advice and suggestions. You may even think up specific products you may reward these active members with for their loyalty.

The challenge of email marketing is that customers will not buy a product the first time they are exposed to it. It is commonly believed that it takes 7 to 8 exposures to a product before a subscriber becomes a buyer.

Given that statistic, it is vitally important to remain connected to that customer to the point he becomes a buyer and beyond. After he becomes a buyer and sees the quality of products you offer, he will be willing to become a lifelong buyer.

It is often said that the money is in the list, but the real truth of the matter is that the money is really in your relationship to the list, so develop that relationship using the tips given above.

The best approach to take when managing the subscribers on your email list is to treat them with respect and to only use trustworthy strategies as has been described above.

Practice an effective email marketing strategy so that you will establish credibility, confidence, and trust in your subscribers who will be converted to your lifelong buyers of your business products.

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