How to Create a Google Free Website

What is a Google Free Website?

A Google free website is one that does not depend on the marketing of search engine optimization or Google at all. With many sites out there and guides showing you how to get traffic from the power of Google, people tend to forget about what they can do without Google. They don’t make up all the traffic on the internet and you can actually do very well without Google.

The Google free website is one that will give you the ability to get traffic from many other places on the internet. If you happen to get traffic from Google, as well, then it is a bit of a bonus, but this is not the aim. Instead, you are going to use things like article writing, article syndication, and other strategies to get the traffic you need.

Getting the right strategies can help and having a Google free website is a great way to go. It is not necessary to depend on just one type of traffic and one place for it to come from. Below is a strategy you can use to get your traffic from hundreds and maybe even thousands of sources instead of just one.

They Google Free Website Strategy

This strategy starts by getting the best hosting out there. You want to get hosting that will support you properly and you will be able to do so by getting hosting from one of our top ten choices. FatCow hosting is the top choice and they will provide you with everything you need to get started with your Google free website.

After you have the hosting you need and a domain name for your website, you can move on to the marketing methods to get your traffic. Start with one marketing method and master it before you move onto another. You can start with article marketing because it will allow you to use article syndication and guest blogging at the same time.

Write articles, distribute them to article directories, and you can even pay to distribute them to blogs, newsletters, and publishers of all stores. This will help you to get traffic from hundreds of sources and you will not have to count on Google to give you the traffic you need. This is the basis of your Google free website.

Another thing you can do to help gain the traffic you need is use guest blogging. This is when you write a guest post for another blogger and they post it on their blog for you with a link back to your blog or website. This helps you to get some traffic and some trust from their visitors. If you get enough guest posts out there, you can have hundreds of little traffic sources feeding your website highly targeted traffic.

The Benefits of a Google Free Website

Have you heard about the people that gain top Google ranking, get a ton of traffic, then it all disappears in a flash? This is what happens when they do something they shouldn’t or Google decides they no longer like their website. You don’t have to go through this if you build your site in a different way.

You can still get a large amount of traffic and usually it will be much more targeted to your blog or website than if you just count on Google. This is a better way to get what you need out of your website, your traffic, and your online experience. You can do it and you can do it with a Google free website.

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