Targeted Web Traffic Versus General Web Traffic


What is Targeted Web Traffic?

The major difference between targeted web traffic and general web traffic is that targeted web traffic is going to convert better than general traffic. This is because it is traffic that comes from a much more specific type of keyword. This means that they are looking to buy instead of just looking for information.

When you use general traffic you will be basically gambling when it comes to making your money. This is not the best traffic because you have to work much harder to get the profits you are after. With targeted web traffic you will not have to work as hard to get the amount of traffic you need to make your money because it will convert better.

Why General Traffic is Horrible Compared to Targeted Web Traffic

The major area of marketing where general traffic can literally kill you is in the pay per click advertising game. This is because you will have to bid a much higher price per click on your ad than if you use more targeted traffic. There are two types of keywords you can bid on and they are general and long tail.

The general keywords are typically one or two words in length and could bring you a ton of traffic, but it will not be very specific traffic at all. For example, if you are working in the golf niche and you bid on the keyword phrase “golf clubs”, then you could get golfers that are looking to buy golf clubs or you could get golfers that are just curious about clubs.

If you were to go with a less general keyword phrase like “custom built TaylorMade golf clubs”, then you are going to be narrowing down your traffic better. This will give you people that are looking specifically for custom built golf clubs made by TaylorMade. They most likely have done their research and they are ready to buy. They just need a little push to purchase and that is what you do on your website.

Those that choose to use the pay per click advertising instead of another method need to be aware that this can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. If you bid on too many general keywords you could easily blow your budget in a hurry and see very little profit if any at all.

Taking Advantage of Targeted Web Traffic with Article Marketing

If you really want to take advantage of targeted web traffic without spending a lot of money, then you can use your time and you can use article marketing in order to get traffic that is very targeted. This traffic is even better because the person that finds your article, then your website from your article will have already read something on your website’s subject. This is like a lead that has been hand selected for you.

Basically there are way too many benefits that you just cannot get with general web traffic because it is not targeted at all. The more specific you can make your keyword phrases the better off you will be. If you can take advantage of the methods to get targeted web traffic you can make much more money online.

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