The Top 3 Targeted Web Traffic Tips to Increase your Business


Why you Need Targeted Web Traffic Tips

When you use the right targeted web traffic tips you can not only increase your traffic, but your conversions as well. Targeted traffic is much better than just general traffic because it is more likely to convert into a sale, click, subscriber, or anything else that could make you money. These are the people that are most likely to be customers of yours for life.

The reason you need to use targeted web traffic tips is simply because targeted traffic is so much better. This is the best way to go if you are in a niche that is a bit smaller and is not as broad as some of the others. Specific niches can be great because of the targeted traffic you can easily get.

The Best 3 Targeted Web Traffic Tips to Help you Make More Money

1. Use Article Marketing

One of the best parts about using article marketing is that it has so many benefits to your website and to your overall traffic. There is a reason why this one tops the list of targeted web traffic tips that you should be using and that is simply because traffic from articles is like a prequalified lead.

When you write an article and you submit it to a handful of article directories you get to put an author bio box or resource box at the end of the article. This is where you can link back to your website and where you can get the readers of your article to go from it to your website.

Another benefit of using article marketing is that every single article will give you a backlink to your website. This is why this is the most important of the targeted web traffic tips because it will bring you more than just one benefit. You get targeted traffic from the actual article and some SEO benefits on top of it.

2. Use Pay Per Click Properly

Many that try to use pay per click advertising do not use it correctly. They will bid on broad keywords like “weight loss” and they will spend way too much money trying to get traffic to their sites. This is not a good way to go because the traffic you get will not be very specific to the niche you are after.

You are better off bidding lower and bidding on what are known as long tail keywords. These keywords are going to be at least 3 words long and the best ones are much longer. You would be bidding on a keyword more like “How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days” and this will cost you less while bringing you more targeted traffic.

3. Use SEO on your Website

When you use SEO or search engine optimization properly you can actually get your own blog posts or webpages listed for the keyword phrases you are aiming for. This is a great way to get traffic that is more targeted. This will help you to get exactly what you want out of your website traffic and the more targeted the keyword phrase is the better off you will be.

The Major Benefits of Using the Targeted Web Traffic Tips

When you use these targeted web traffic tips you can use them all together or just one at a time. They will bring you many benefits other than just traffic that will turn into money. Many have used article marketing to build up a list of subscribers to market to and many have also used SEO as their main source of traffic.

It really it up to you and what you want to do with your website. You have many options and some of them are much better than others. The more targeted you can make your traffic the better chance you are going to have to make money from the traffic that you get. Using these targeted web traffic tips can really help you expand your profits.

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