3 of the Top YouTube Promotion Guidelines to Get You a Ton of Traffic


Using the YouTube Promotion Guidelines to Generate Traffic

YouTube promotion guidelines are very important because they will allow you to get exactly what you need out of the website for your website. YouTube can help you to get backlinks, higher search ranking, traffic, and help you to build a brand for your company. However, if you do not use it properly your videos will just become lost.

If you are one that does not follow the different YouTube promotion guidelines that are out there you could end up wasting quite a bit of time. It does not do you very much good if you have videos that are not getting any views. Nobody is going to get to your website from your video if they don’t see the video.

The Top 3 YouTube Promotion Guidelines for You to Follow

1. Entertain your Audience and don’t sell too much

If you put up a video that is entertaining you will have a better chance to keep the person watching your video instead of someone else’s video. Plus they are more likely to share the video with their friends and that can mean more people watching your video and seeing your website. This is probably the most important of the YouTube promotion guidelines.

2. Make your Videos Short

When all you want to do is market with the video, then you should keep it short. Less than 3 minutes is a great way length because it will not take forever to load and it will keep the attention of your viewers. The attention span of most people has gotten much shorter and they will not wait for longer videos to load.

3. Repurpose articles or blog posts

If you write articles or blog posts, then one of the YouTube promotion guidelines you can use is to repurpose this content for your videos. This is easy to do and there are people that will provide you a service that will turn an article or post into a video for you. It will not be very expensive and it is something that can help you quite a bit.

How to Use the YouTube Promotion Guidelines to Benefit your Website

The most important benefit of using the YouTube promotion guidelines is that you will get a ton more traffic if you use them properly. This is not the only benefit that you can get from using YouTube. There are many different benefits just like every other type of internet marketing and here are a few of them.

1. Backlinks

If you have a video on YouTube it could end up on a ton of blogs, website, and other video sites. This can bring you a ton of backlinks, which can help you gain higher ranking in the search engines. This means that you can get even more traffic than you would get from just having a video up.

2. The Social Aspect

Another great thing you can get from using the YouTube promotion guidelines is that you can get your video shared all over the social sites. YouTube gives your visitors the chance to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Myspace, and even many of the social bookmarking sites. This can bring you both more visitors and backlinks.

3. Brand Recognition

One of the best ways to build up brand recognition is through video. This is why so many of the different name brands out there still use television commercials. You can do the same thing with the YouTube promotion guidelines and your own website. Imagine if people could see your message all over the internet.

The bottom line is that the benefits of using videos online are numerous. There are many ways to get a very good video online and on YouTube without having to spend very much time or money. If you follow these YouTube promotion guidelines and you make an entertaining video you could get millions of hits from it.

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