A New Hosting Company and the AllReseller Review

Our AllReseller Review for Your Consideration

There are many hosting companies out there and a new one we have to post is the AllReseller review. This company is much smaller than other companies are, but they are providing pretty good service at this time. Since they are smaller, they are able to give more personalized service, but there are also some issues with being so small.

Smaller hosting companies have not gone through many of the growing pains yet, are limited on space, and simply don’t have the same experience as larger companies. We often recommend that you don’t choose a company that is less than 5 years old because they have not had the chance to experience many of the issues a hosting company can go through.

Even though the AllReseller review is typically positive, this may not be the best choice for your hosting. The price is competitive, but so is the price from FatCow hosting, which we prefer over AllReseller. Getting the right hosting company is very important and you can use this AllReseller review to help you decide.

AllReseller Review – What You Get

Just like with most other hosting companies, you get a free domain name, the features you need to put up your website or blog, and many of the tools to do so. This is nothing new and nearly every hosting company offers about the same type of hosting in their shared hosting package. The only thing that AllReseller has going for it, is they have super cheap reseller hosting.

However, as we have discussed before, the cheapest hosting is not always the best choice and you don’t want to end up with hosting that will not give you what you need. Top hosting companies are at the top of the lists, winning awards, and gaining positive reviews for a reason. They support their clients the best and they do what is necessary to help you get to where you are trying to go with your website.

Your hosting is way too important to choose a company that just does not have enough experience. A few years from now, we may have a much more positive AllReseller review, but right now, they are just not experienced enough or large enough to be trusted. If they see a spike in sign ups, they may put too many people on each server and their support team may become overloaded with requests.

We are not saying that AllReseller cannot handle their business, but we always move forward with caution when a hosting company is so new and so small. It is better to trust a larger company that has already gone through growing pains and can handle more business. The larger companies are not affected by spikes in business because they tend to have more staff than they need.

The Alternative to the AllReseller Review

We always have a good recommendation to help you with your decision and any of the top ten hosting companies are a better choice than AllReseller in our opinion. Of course, we recommend our top choice, FatCow hosting, simply because they have proven they can handle the support issues, they have a ton of space, and they use Linux servers.

There are many benefits to going with a top company and if you want to get the best out of your hosting, you need to choose a better company than AllReseller. We may have to write a better review one day, but right now, our AllReseller review rates them as an up and coming hosting company with some potential.

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