The Most Recommended Web Hosting for Bloggers


What Benefits will the Recommended Web Hosting Give You?

You are going to find the recommended web hosting for bloggers below, but before you start looking into it you need to know the benefits you can get from using this type of hosting. We need to start by finding an understanding of how important hosting is. This is your foundation and it can make a very big difference in whether you succeed or not.

The first thing you get with the right blog hosting is the platforms that will allow you to do everything you need to do. It is important that you get the right blogging platforms because if you don’t have the top choices for your blog you will not be able to customize the look and functionality of it much.

The second major benefit you are going to get is the necessary speed to allow your blog to load faster than some of the other choices. This is very important because if you have a slow loading blog you could easily lose many visitors to your competition simply because your site is slow. You need to have fast hosting for your blog.

The last major advantage the recommended web hosting will give you for blogging is the ability to put up a blog in less than an hour. Once you get the hang of how everything works with the recommended blog hosting you will be able to put up the basic set up of a new blog in about an hour or less. This means you can create more blog faster and for a blogger that means more money.

There are many benefits you will get from the blog hosting you are going to discover below. The above three are just the main things that can make a very big difference in whether or not you make money with your blogs. Below you are going to find out about the most recommended hosting for blogs and why it is recommended for you to use.

Recommended Web Hosting for Bloggers to Use

When you are planning to put up a blog you need to have the right hosting and there are a few things it must have. There are many companies that can help you get the blog hosting you need and there is not one company that is recommended more than another, but the best will all have these five things for you.

1. The Fantastico Script

If a company doesn’t offer you the Fantastico script with your hosting they are not recommended for bloggers at all. This script gives you the top blogging platforms, which you have to get. You will be able to choose between WordPress or Joomla hosting and these are the top two choices for your blog.

Joomla hosting is a bit advanced and if you don’t understand much about blogging it may not be the right type of platform for you. However, if you are new to blogging and you use the WordPress platform you will find that it is very easy to put up a blog and you can do it rather fast as well. This is the best choices for most bloggers and is very popular.

2. Enough Speed

It is one thing to get the right platforms for your blog, but what about the speed? We have already discussed how important speed is with your blog and you need to make sure you get hosting with enough of it. The best blog hosts will give you plenty of speed because they will not overload their servers. However, we will get into how you can avoid the worries of overloaded servers a little later.

3. The Right Price

Bloggers don’t need to spend a huge amount of money for hosting every month and you need to have a budget for your hosting. The recommended web hosting for bloggers will fit right into your price range and you will not have to give up any of the quality either. This is very important and you don’t need the most expensive hosting for your blogs.

4. A Monthly Option

Even though some hosting companies can be great when you pay for them yearly you need to find one with a monthly option. This will allow you to see how well they work for you and if the hosting is not what you expected it to be you can move on to another company a month later. If you pay for a full year of hosting you are either going to lose the money or be stuck with bad hosting for a full year.

5. Incredible Support

You can always separate the best web hosting companies from the worst when you test the support. This is a vital sign for any hosting company because you get to see how well they operate when you test the support. Fast support that is very professional will allow you to get the right blog hosting for your blog.

The Recommended Web Hosting Type for Bloggers

When you are trying to start blogging you are either going to use shared hosting or VPS hosting. These are the only two options you should be considering and you really need to avoid any free hosting options that are out there. Shared hosting is not the recommended web hosting for bloggers and here is why you should use VPS hosting instead.

Starting a blog is something you are going to only need a little bit of hosting space for. You can start with a cheap hosting package that is VPS hosting and build from there. As your blog gets bigger and you start to see an income you can build up to a more expensive and larger package. This means you can grow your blog and hosting together.

Also, you have to know that with shared hosting you will share a server in an “all you can eat” fashion. This means that you end up with one hosting account using up all the server’s resources if it needs them. This causes downtime and that is not a good thing. With VPS hosting you don’t have to worry about that because you get a partition of the server dedicated all to you.

This means your hosting will be much more secure and you will also get faster hosting. VPS hosting is great for bloggers and if you can get it from a top web hosting company, then you will be in good shape. This will help you to set up the right foundation and VPS hosting is the recommended web hosting for bloggers.

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