Getting Free Hosting with CPanel, is it Worth It?


Free Hosting with CPanel and What to Expect

If you are one of those skeptics that believe that there is a catch with anything you can get for free, then you would be right about free hosting with cpanel. There certainly is a catch with this type of web hosting and there is actually more than one catch.

Those that are serious about making money online, whether new to the game or veterans, need to know that many of the free things come with catches. Most of the time you can get something for free in exchange for your name and your email address. This is fine, but free hosting is different and the tradeoff is much worse.

What you Really Get with Free Hosting with CPanel

When you sign up to use free hosting with cpanel for your website there are a couple of things you are going to notice right from the get go. Here are a few things to expect when you use any type of free hosting.

1. Limited space

You will be lucky to get more than 10 megabytes, and that is a very small amount of space. Most of the hosting packages that you can get for under $5 per month give you unlimited space, which just makes it silly to opt for free hosting that gives you such a small amount of space.

2. Display ads

When you use a free web hosting company you are going to have ads displaying on your website for the company and for other free websites. This is how they keep it free and it distracts from your website. Have you ever gone to a website with a number of pop up ads? Your site will be similar to this and it is annoying to visitors.

3. Downtime could be most of the time

Free hosting with cpanel comes with no guarantee of limited downtime. This means that you could put hours upon hours into your website just to have it down more often than it is up. You could lose quite a bit of cash if you are promoting a business or product on your website when it is down.

The Alternatives to Free Hosting with CPanel

Most of the top hosting companies use cpanel and they have packages that start ad less than $5 a month. This is a very small price to pay to be able to host your own domain, have unlimited disk space, a guarantee of very limited downtime, and to get all the features of cpanel instead of just a few.

Not to mention when you pay for hosting you do not have to display any ads on your website for other sites. This means that you have a better choice out there than free hosting with cpanel and it will cost you less than a fast food dinner each month.

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