5 Things you Get With Microsoft Hosting

The Basics of What Microsoft Hosting is

Microsoft hosting may also be known as windows hosting and you get some things with this type of hosting that you just do not get with all hosting types. Microsoft is a well-known company that is able to provide you with many things for your business. They provide products that you can use and one of them is the Microsoft hosting they provide.

This is considered to be one of the more aggressive types of hosting in the world and they do not even charge for small business commodities. There are some added features you can get for a bit of an additional cost, which helps to customize the hosting you are going to need for your website and your business.

The major thing you will need to take advantage of Microsoft hosting is a computer that is connected to the internet and running one of the Microsoft platforms like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or it can even be used with the Mac OS X as long as it is 10.2 x or a later version.

What 5 Things are Included with Microsoft Hosting?

1. Functions

With Microsoft hosting you will get free hosting if you are already a Microsoft user. However, this will limit you to certain templates for the design, but you can still upload your own pictures and text. You will be able to access your websites safely and securely and you will also be able to access your control panel as well. The control panel has many tools and management functions you can use for design, email, and more.

2. Email Accounts

Another thing you will get with the Windows hosting is you will get access to up to 100 email addresses for your company. These will have advertising with them; however, you can pay $19.95 a year to have the advertising removed and get the premium mail add-on. This will also allow you to synchronize your email accounts with your contacts and calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

Another thing to know about the email you get is that all the incoming and outgoing email will go through Microsoft Live. This means that you will not have to worry about virus protection or spam filtering because these services are automatically included for you.

3. Hosting Features

With Microsoft hosting you will get 500 megabytes of space, which is much more than other choices out there and more cost effective as well. You can get an add-on feature to provide you with a shopping card and a secure site with 128 bit SSL. This is great for those running an online store. You can also get domain hosting for $14.95 a year or you can use the live.com domain you are given for free.

4. Document Manager

You will also get a document manager with the Microsoft hosting that you choose. This will give you a place to store all your important documents so that you do not have to worry about losing them. You can protect these files with passwords and if you need to you can release them online as well. You can use this for sales proposals and many other types of documents.

5. E-Commerce

With the Microsoft Office Live Small Business feature you can catalog up to 10,000 items and this makes managing your inventory and website much easier. This will allow you to set up sales tax tables, shipping and handling programs, and work within your inventory as well. This is built with eBay integration and it works with other online auction sites as well.

Why Choose Microsoft Hosting?

If you are very familiar with the way Windows works, then getting Microsoft hosting will help you adjust and get started with in the hosting world. There are many benefits to getting Microsoft hosting and you need to know that if you are looking for top hosting that is very affordable this is a good choice.

However, it is always important to look into the other choices that are out there and this is why you really need to look at the top ten hosting companies and the options they offer. This will give you the best choice in hosting and you can compare more than just one option. If Microsoft hosting is right for you, then you will know, but if Microsoft hosting is not right you will have other options to choose from.

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