Private Cloud Hosting Vs. Public Cloud Hosting


Is Private Cloud Hosting Better than Public?

If you are trying to decide between private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting, then you have a big decision to make. There can be quite a bit of confusing and conflicting information out there and you have to be careful what you believe. We are going to clarify everything you need to know in order to make this decision for you.

The biggest difference between private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting is that private cloud hosting is mainly for one organization. It will be housed and managed by that company or another company for that one organization. The main benefit is the cloud, in this situation, is only for the one company or organization that has purchased it.

Public cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a cloud that is made available for pretty much anybody. Sometimes these can only be used by a specific industry group, but they can be used by many more people than when private cloud hosting is being used.

Questions to Ask When Deciding on Public or Private Cloud Hosting

1. How secure do you need your cloud to be?

If you are in need of a very high level of security, then you really don’t have a choice here. Private cloud hosting will give you much more security than public cloud hosting will. Even though the public clouds offer a very secure environment, they are not up to the high standards of the private clouds. Plus with private cloud hosting you can add dedicated firewalls and other custom security measures.

2. How much can you afford to spend?

Another thing you have to consider is your budget. Private cloud hosting can be quite expensive compared to public cloud hosting. If you cannot afford a private cloud, you may want to start off with a very secure public cloud until you can find room in your budget for the more secure and more expensive private cloud hosting.

3. How fast do you need your cloud hosting to be?

Another concern many have with cloud hosting is how fast it will be. The drawback to using private cloud hosting is that the performance will be limited to the number of machines in the cluster. If you come to a point where you have maxed out your computing power you will need to add another server to the cloud. With a public cloud this is not an issue because there are always more server resources available for use.

A Few Reasons to Choose Private Cloud Hosting over Public

We already discussed the security issue with public versus private cloud hosting, but there are other reasons you may want to choose a private cloud over a public cloud. Another reason private is better is because you can make the transition from your physical servers to virtual servers, which gives you more flexibility. You will actually be able to spin up and tear down a server in just a few minutes, which is quite powerful.

In addition to the flexibility you gain with private cloud hosting you will also be able to better use your resources. When you are able to share resources across more than one server you can really take advantage of what you have in a way that has never before been possible. This benefit alone can make a private cloud worth it for many companies.

As many businesses want to hear, the main reason to switch to private cloud hosting is to save time and money. Overall, using a private cloud can be cheaper than trying to host your own servers and buying dedicated servers. If you already have two or more servers you can gain the benefits of virtualization and the more servers you have, the better the benefits will be.

Now you know what to ask yourself when choosing between private and public cloud hosting, but you also know some of the reasons a company with more than one server may benefit from virtualization. There are many hosting choices out there, and using private cloud hosting can really benefit your business now and in the future.

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