Video Blog Hosting For YouTube Celebrities


Video Blog Hosting Compared to Regular Blog Hosting

Video blog hosting is not the same as your typical blog hosting. When you host many different videos on your blog it will slow down the load time of it. This can cause issues if you are not set up on the right platform and with the right type of hosting. You need to be aware of what it takes when you are trying to host a video blog.

Video blogs or Vblogs have become very popular and they come in many forms. Some feature an owner that will put out videos about how to do something or how to create something, while others are more for entertainment purposes only. These could be comedians making fun of other popular videos or they could be making a rant video about something they don’t like.

Video blog hosting is very important if you plan to be successful with your blog. Without the right type of hosting you will struggle to keep visitors engaged and you will not be able to keep them on your site long enough. This can be an issue, but it is easily solved by having the right foundation for your blog.

The Top Choices for Video Blog Hosting

Before we get into the top choices for video blog hosting you must understand that shared hosting is only going to get you so far. Typically, the goal of a video bloggers is to create a large amount of traffic to the videos they host on their blog. If you get too much traffic, your site will slow down the server if you are using shared hosting. This means you have to upgrade.

It is better to just start with one of the three better types of hosting for your video blog. Here they are.

1. VPS hosting

Most video bloggers can start with and grow for many years with VPS hosting. You can start with a package at about the same price as a shared hosting package and work your way up to a more expensive package as you need it. These packages will start around $10 a month and can get as expensive as $200 a month.

The benefit to using VPS hosting is you get the chance to use your own resources instead of sharing them with other hosting accounts. This will make your video blog load faster and will give you a better opportunity to take advantage of all of the incoming traffic you have.

2. Cloud Hosting

Another good type of video blog hosting is cloud hosting. It is a bit newer and not as secure as some other types of hosting, but the packages you can get are quite amazing. This type of hosting is one of the fastest types of hosting you can use and if you cannot afford to start with much money cloud hosting can start as low as $5 a month.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

Nearly every good video blogger will eventually need to upgrade to a dedicated server. This is not cheap, but it is the best type of hosting you can get and you will have a better chance to actually host all your videos with your own server. If you have maxed out with VPS hosting or you just want to start with the best, consider looking into getting a dedicated server for your hosting.

Video Blog Hosting that Will Never Work

If you think you are going to start a video blog on a free hosting account, you need to consider why this will never work. Free hosting is usually very slow and will only give you a small amount of space. In addition, if you end up switching to a paid hosting account you cannot transfer all your work.

What if you do start with a free hosting account and the company you chose goes out of business? Well, you will lose everything you have done and you will have to start all over again. This is why you need to pay for good hosting for your video blog and choosing one of the video blog hosting types above is best.

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