Does It Really Matter What Website Hosting You Choose?

Sometimes it seems like every website hosting company offers the same basic options, so people often ask me if it really matters which company they choose.

It sure seems like choosing a website hosting company is as unimportant as choosing which grocery store to shop at today, but it does matter which website hosting company you use. Choosing the wrong company can hurt your business, weaken your reputation, and waste your time.

How To Ruin Your Business By Choosing The Wrong Website Hosting

Your website represents you or your business. If your website loads slow, your customers will think you’re slow. If your website looks like it was designed in 1995, your customers will think you’re stuck in the 20th century.

The website hosting company you choose affects the quality of your website. If you choose a cheap hosting company, you can expect a cheap website.

Think about all of the other money you spend making your business look nice—from fresh paint to nice logos to a professional receptionist. Compared to all of these costs, an extra few dollars a month for quality website hosting is nothing—but it can significantly improve your image on the Internet.

Double Your Income For $2 A Month

A cheap or unreliable website can be a major time sink. You’ll spend hours installing a WordPress blog, then you’ll need to spend hours configuring your email. In the end, you could easily spend half of your time administering your website.

You can save the time and effectively double your website income by paying a little extra for a high-quality website hosting company.

A high-quality website hosting company will give you a full-featured website control panel and the ability to instantly install dozens or hundreds of website applications. They’ll also provide both telephone and email customer support if you have any problems.

What Are You Going To Tell Your Friends?

After you setup your website and start to show it off to everyone you know, your friends and family will eventually ask you, “whom do you use for website hosting? Whom do you recommend?”

Imagine your embarrassment as you have to tell them that you don’t recommend the website hosting service you currently use.

Worse, imagine having to tell one of your clients who asks the same question that you were too lazy to research website hosting companies, so now you use a company you hate. That’s not likely to inspire confidence in you.

This may not be a problem if you sign a month-to-month hosting contract, but if you signed a multi-year hosting contract, you could get stuck with a website hosting company you hate.


Choosing a website hosting company is a big deal for you and for your business. Don’t let the sub-$10 prices and similar-seeming feature lists stop you from looking for the highest quality website hosting company for your business.


Finding a WordPress website hosting company you can trust can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time at building a website from scratch.


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