4 Things You Should Never Do While Blogging


Blogging is really a great career to start with. However before you take a plunge into this line you must not make certain basic mistakes. These mistakes can deter you in achieving a great success as a blogger. As a fact blogging is growing rapidly on the Internet. Some people do it just as their hobby and some are doing it to make money online. However you can do blogging as a hobby as well as to earn money. For your information let me tell you daily 150,000 bloggers join internet so the competition is very tough and there is no room for errors. Therefore avoid following mistakes to excel in the field of blogging.


First mistake that a novice blogger will commit is not posting blog post regularly. To become a successful blogger you have to post on daily basis. Today when the competition is too high you cannot afford to delay your blog posts. You must publish at least two to three blog post daily because gone are the days when bloggers were publishing 2 to 3 posts weekly. As I said early because of more bloggers competition is very high and you have to standalone from the others. Hence never use delaying tactics and publish daily. You can chalk out a plan beforehand that on which day and at what time you will post your blogs.  If you are not publishing your blog posts on time then your readers or traffic might drop.


In order to meet numbers of blog posts that you have to publish daily do not try to copy content from Internet to make your work easy. Firstly if you are doing so you will be caught because it is very easy to find out from where you copied the content. There is a software tool that can tell about any plagiarized content. Secondly the worst impact of plagiarizing content would be your reputation as a blogger. No one on the Internet will ever going to trust you again how much good you write. People or your readers will not take you seriously anymore. So try to develop your own content but yes you can get inspired from someone else content or writing. However never copy it as it is.


While you are writing for blog posts you are also talking to your readers. So write a blog post which builds a conversation with your readers. Remember in your blogs you have to talk to them not at them. Hence always experiment with new things and does not repeat same thing beating around the bush. People on the Internet love reading some new and original content as it appeals to them. Remain up to date with current events that are happening because then only you will get some great ideas to create original content on daily basis. If you try to repeat same story again and again then your blog may not get so many readers. Getting blogging ideas daily is absolutely important to avoid monotonic blog posts.

Quick Money

The last one is lust to make money in a short interval of time. I personally think it could be dangerous and you may lose the sight. Never be in a hurry to make money if you are blogging. Treat blogging as a hobby and write from your heart. Money will come along with it. Do not try to write things which are irrelevant to what readers are demanding or looking when they are online. You have to build a relationship with your audiences then you will start generating traffic to your blog. Automatically you make money because of heavy traffic. So never expect quick money.


Finally in concluding remarks I would say avoid above mentioned 4 mistakes if you want to be a successful blogger. First one is write blog posts on regular basis without any delay. Second is do not copy content from others always create your own unique content. Thirdly make blogs more talkative so that you build a conversation with your readers. Lastly do not be in a hurry to make money. Give importance on getting more readers on to your blog. Money will come automatically with it. If follow my advice then eventually you will be a successful blogger.

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