Free Anti Virus Software Could Be Bad For Your Computers Health

The Pitfalls Of Free Anti virus Software

In life and business we do not usually frown on or shy away from anything we can get for free. But when it comes to the safety and security of your personal and private information free anti virus software should be frowned upon. The problem with free anti virus software is that you do not know if you can trust that the creators of the software had your safety in mind. This is to say that one should use an anti virus software company they trust. And it would help if there were other people in the antivirus software community that have heard of the creators of these free antivirus software packages and downloads.

This is not to say that if you have been given a free download code for Norton antivirus software from your cable or internet service provider you should be wary. This is quite the contrary. These service providers often have a contract with some of the best security software developers in the world of antivirus software. So free anti virus software should only be used if it is part of a package supplied by a reputable and well known software developer. If you find that you need antivirus software protection and you know that free anti virus is not necessarily a good thing then companies like – Mackeeper Security and – Avanquest offer high end antivirus protection at unbelievably low prices.

Why Is Free Antivirus Software Not As Good As Paid Software Suites

Free anti virus software can be just as good as some paid anti virus software but in many cases it is not. One of the things that I have always been leary of is the fact that some of the free antivirus software developers I have never heard of. So it is hard to discern whether or not you will be regretful of the free anti virus software you have downloaded. When you are unsure of the developer or manufacturers name this is cause for alarm in most cases.

You could download free anti virus software and find that there are no problems what so ever. And although this is possible it is also plausible that the same software could be riddled with malicious and infectious software meant to do irreparable damage to your computer and the safety of your personal information. So it is the opinion of this writer that you steer clear of things like free anti virus software suits and downloads to avoid potentially harmful or malicious software from being unwittingly yet willfully stored to the hard drive of your computer. Thus, rendering it inoperable and unresponsive. And if you make your living behind your computer keyboard as do I your computer is paramount to your daily success.

Should I Use Free Anti Virus Software

One should not use free anti virus software or any product or service for free unless they know for a fact that the source is reputable and of good standing in their respective field of business. What I have always said is if it is free then what is wrong with it. Or, how long will I have said free item or service before I regret it. This is something you will find repeated regularly in any article I post about getting something for nothing.

With all things in life you should always attempt to get the best products or services your money will buy. If you find that your budget does not allow for such purchases than be absolutely sure that the free anti virus software you choose to download is at least from a reputable developer with a solid history in the field of antivirus software development. I can’t stress enough the importance of buying or receiving free services from a company that they have a well-known reputation for free anti virus software and a highly satisfied customer base. But sadly most things in life worth having are never free. Keep this in mind when searching for free anti virus software and downloads.

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