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UNIX hosting is well utilized by open source organizations, very large companies and banks.  It involves the use of UNIX, which is a computer operating system made for many users and primarily utilized as servers. This type of hosting is best suited for the more advanced user.

Stability, reliability and performance are qualities associated with the UNIX web server and it is also much valued for its robust performance under pressure. For this reason, the best UNIX web hosting companies expend less time and money in maintenance on these machines.

Although Windows is gaining ground as far as its stability is concerned, UNIX hosting servers has traditionally been favored for its long history of stability. It is an open source application that can be further developed by a webmaster with the necessary programming knowledge. If you are running UNIX on your business server, there may be a need for the program to be customized so there is an obvious benefit to the program being open source.

There is a good explanation for the known stability of the UNIX servers, and it lies in the fact that far  fewer resources are utilized by the operating system, and as a result the websites are able to perform  much more efficiently – download speeds are  increased, and site loading times are optimized.

Also, UNIX does not utilize a graphical user interface (GUI) and that fact allows it to allocate more of its resources to its servers. By contrast, the Microsoft NT/2000 platform does not have the same degree of stability and security as more of its resources are utilized by its operating system and the presence of a GUI.

UNIX is a great little operating system which some folks are going to prefer, some web hosts run Unix and others may not, some run it well, and others not as well, of course.  That’s why we’re here to help you, find out the real deal and discover which web hosts really deliver with Unix hosting.

The Best UNIX Hosting Picks for 2011 (Bluehost #1)

best UNIX Hosting

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  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
  • SSH Access (Secure Shell)

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best UNIX Hosting

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BlueHost was founded in 1996 and has been providing hosting services for both companies and individuals, with a mission to provide exceptional services at affordable prices.  The company has built its own servers, owns its own datacenter and has created a fiber network that extends across the entire country.

UNIX support is available for users who run C++, C Shell, Python, Perl, Php and Java applications and they will, depending on their  requirements, and the hosting plan their select, have at their disposal either the MS-SQL or the MY-SQL database.

Those using hosting on a UNIX server for the first time will need to be very familiar with file transfer protocol (FTP) for navigating the interface, although the technical support team will also be able to provide assistance when required.

Extras offered with UNIX Web Hosting Plans

Extras offered with UNIX hosting plans include the graphical interface Cpanel bundled with Fantastico scripts package that comprises about 80 scripts which are used to customize a website   without additional cost.

Affordability and System Updating

UNIX is a preferred choice of web host for many users because of its popularity and power. The absence of license fees (as required in Windows hosting) renders it an inexpensive operating system to use on web servers. For users wanting an inexpensive web hosting plan, the UNIX platform is a good choice.

Most web hosting companies use the free UNIX version, Linux for example, so they are not faced with huge operating expenses. Because of this, they are in a good position to pass along these savings to their hosting clients. UNIX hosts also provide additional incentives in the form of software and tools that have been especially created for the needs of those in the UNIX environment.

When update of the Linux operating system is due on the UNIX servers, it is only required that the program be updated by a developer, or an already updated version be sought out. Rolling out the updates are accomplished free of charge and the high level of performance of the system remains intact. With the Windows platform the site will need to be brought offline for the updates to be made, and they are usually updated at a substantial financial cost because of the need to purchase a developer’s license.

Bluehost UNIX Hosting (Best UNIX Hosting)


Especially welcome is the inexpensive Bluehost pricing of $4.95 per month hosting. This provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited POP accounts, unlimited domain names and 1 free domain included on sign up among many other services.

Bluehost has provided this excellent hosting value for over ten years now, unlike its competition, and is known to have offered greater bandwidth and disk space without increasing prices. The host has become well known in the industry for its reliability and superior server management.

Superior Customer Service

Maintaining superior customer and technical support is a priority with Bluehost, which continually trains employees to improve service in regards to telephone hold-times and providing faster responses. The company takes pride in its customer service accomplishment and works to maintain a telephone hold time of less than 30 seconds.

A unique touch is the calls to clients to verify satisfaction with completed orders.


A possible disadvantage of using UNIX hosting lies in the fact that your chosen web host may permit you access to your hosting account only be means of SSH or through Telnet. With SSH an administrator is able to remotely access the business servers.

Telnet allows a webmaster to administer UNIX hosting processes and it is not an intuitive task to perform, and quite different from the Windows environment most will be accustomed to.  Learning the commands would involve a small learning curve and a number of different commands will need to be learned. It can be accomplished however.

Another aspect of administering to this hosting plan is the need to be knowledgeable about file permissions. Permissions on files and folders will need to be set up in the scripts, and proper execution of the scripts will depend on how accurately permissions are set.

This will require that you have a good understanding of UNIX commands to be able to provide proper maintenance of the system and to be able to customize the system for the benefit of your website.

A UNIX hosting account would be right for you if your technical abilities are more advanced and adequate to handle the challenges a UNIX platform package will to provide.

Strong Solutions

Another outstanding service is the provision of ecommerce solutions such as pre-installed shopping cart systems like Zen Cart, and Cube Cart, and SSL certificates to facilitate credit card processing, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Password Protected Directories, and Open PGP/GPG Encryption.

These features come free of charge with the hosting plans.

Bluehost’s UNIX web hosting provides the maintenance and support of its servers to enable clients to focus their efforts on business building. Clients are assured of consistently reliable servers, (Dual Quad), backup power by diesel generator, also a UPS power backup, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, responsive customer service and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for their website business.