Claiming and Using your Free Adwords Credit

How You can Get a Free Adwords Credit

Getting a free Adwords credit is very easy and if you don’t have hosting yet, you can get $75 in free advertising when you get your hosting from HostMonster hosting. This is one of the top choices for hosting and will give you the ability to host all your websites and blogs and you get a free Adwords credit included with your package.

You can do quite a bit with $75 worth of free Google advertising. This can translate into hundreds of potential visitors and you don’t have to spend a single dollar to get them. The money is free to use and even if you quit using Google Adwords after the credit is gone, you will still have the benefit of any money you made from the credit.

Many Google Adwords experts could turn $75 into ten times as much, if not more. This is something you can do, as well, if you use the right strategy of testing and choosing keyword phrases. We are not going to get into how to choose the best keywords much, in this post, but just make sure you are not going after very general keywords. The more specific the keyword phrases you bid on, the better the traffic will convert when they land on your website.

Testing with your Free Adwords Credit

The best way to use your free Adwords credit is to test many different keywords. You can split it up, if you have different websites you want to work with and you can test them all. For example, if you have three websites, you can allocate $25 per website by setting up different campaigns and using the budgeting features provided within Adwords.

You will want to decide how much you need to spend to test each keyword phrase. It is best to choose groups of five or ten keyword phrases that are similar to test within each campaign you set up. This will give you the variety necessary to find out which keyword phrases will produce clicks to your website and convert into sales.

Take the time to test different ads and use the entire free Adwords credit for testing. You will, of course, make some money through the testing, as long as you do it correctly. Setting low daily budgets will allow you to do your testing over a few weeks and figure out which keyword phrases will produce the best traffic for your website.

Then, you can put more money into the best keywords and less into the ones that produce bad traffic or produce traffic that simply does not convert well. You need to be sure you are getting the right traffic or you can lose a large amount of money very fast with Google Adwords. It takes time to test, but it will make it worth it.

The free Adwords credit is there to help you market your website and when you use the free money for testing, you will be able to create more money that you can advertise with. Even if you only turn the $75 credit into $100 because you are testing, you can put that $100 into the best keyword phrases you found during testing and triple it.

Building from the Free Adwords Credit

If you are savvy and you learn a few tricks to help you choose the best keyword phrases, then you spend the free Adwords credit to test those keyword phrases, you will end up with a list of good keyword phrases to invest in. This will allow you to use your profits to do more advertising and move forward with your project. It all starts with the free Adwords credit and you can claim yours from HostMonster Hosting.

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