5 Tips to Help you When Searching for Budget Hosting


Budget Hosting for the New Blogger

If you want to go into blogging to help you make an online income you may need to get budget hosting to help you get started. You will certainly need hosting and a domain name for your blog and you may be on a tight budget. When this is the case you need to understand the different hosting options and what you are giving up in order to get the hosting you can afford.

The first type of hosting and the best hosting you will find is dedicated hosting. This is going to be the most expensive hosting you are going to find and basically you will rent a full server for your hosting. Since this is going cost you at least $150 a month it is certainly not considered to be budget hosting.

The second type of hosting can be considered budget hosting depending on your overall budget. This is called VPS hosting and it is basically a partition of a server you will get for your hosting account. It is not a full server, but it will give you many of the same benefits as dedicated hosting without the high price tag

The reason VPS hosting can be considered budget hosting is because you can get the smallest package, to start, for under $10 a month. As you grow your blog and you need more space you can upgrade your package all the way up to about $100 a month. If you use VPS hosting you can grow your blog, hosting, and budget altogether.

The last type of hosting is the cheapest website hosting you are going to find and many bloggers start off with this type of hosting. This is the shared web hosting option and the biggest difference is that you will share a server with many other hosting accounts. This type of hosting is less secure and can cause more downtime than VPS or dedicated hosting will.

Shared hosting is also cheap hosting that you can use for your blog. This type of hosting will start at about $3 a month and the packages can go up to about $20 a month. It all depends on the company you choose and the package you choose from that company. The more expensive packages usually include the ability to host more domain names and more security as well.

When you are on a budget you want to make sure you find blog hosting that will fit your budget, but is also good hosting. Below you will find the top five tips you can use to help you find the right budget hosting for your blog. Bloggers cannot be successful without good hosting and this is the foundation of any good online business.

The 5 Top Tips for Finding Good Budget Hosting for Your Blog

1. Set a Budget

The first thing you want to do is take a good hard look at how much money you can dedicate to your project. You have to consider that you will spend around $12 to get your domain name for the first year and you may want to spend some money for the design and tools that you need for your blog. Make sure you know how much you can afford for your blog hosting before you begin your search.

2. Find a Top 10 Hosting List

There are many blogs and websites that feature lists of the top 10 web hosting companies on the internet. These lists can be a great starting point when you need to find budget hosting for your blog. The top web hosting companies can provide you with the best blog hosting that will fit your budget. Even the cheap hosting they offer is going to be good.

3. Narrow Your List with Reviews

Web hosting reviews are usually featured on the lists of the top 10 web hosts as well. These reviews can be very beneficial in your search for the right blog hosting for your project. You want to make sure you read at least a few of these to get a sense of what the hosting offers. Here are a few to get you started: BlueHost review, JustHost review, GreenGeeks hosting review, FatCow review, HostMonster review, iPage review, and InMotion hosting review.

4. Test the Support

Great support that is fast and accurate is a sign of a hosting company that has reliable servers and a good reputation. When you get your list narrowed down to just a few choices you want to make sure you test the support of each of these choices. This will help you to figure out which of the top ten hosting companies is best for your budget hosting.

5. Compare Side By Side

After testing the support you may have a few companies left that could all be the best blog host for your project. Now you want to take the review, the features, the benefits, and the cost of these top web hosting companies and compare them side by side. This can help you to see the differences from one of the best blog hosts to one that may not provide you with as many features or options.

The Final Decision for Budget Hosting

If you are serious about blogging and you want to make sure you have the best foundation for your business, then you need to get VPS web hosting to start. You can start with the cheap hosting package for under $10 and as your blog gets larger and you need more resources you can upgrade and grow. This is a great way to start if your budget can handle growing over time.

However, if you are afraid that you will not be able to afford a larger package as you grow you can start with shared hosting. If you decide to use shared hosting for your blogs, then you will want to at least get a package that will give you the ability to host unlimited domain names and will give you a bit of added security.

Choosing the right blog hosting when you are on a budget is not always easy, but if you avoid the free blog hosting options and you choose a top web hosting company you should be able to get the best blog hosting for your budget. Just make sure you use the tips above and your search for budget hosting will be much easier.

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