Helpful Tips for Website Design

Website design is an evolving process that involves many key principles.  For the beginner web designer, starting from scratch might seem intimidating.  The truth is that with the right tips and advice, web design can be a fun, creative and successful process.  Below are some helpful tips for beginner web designers.

The About Us Page

As a website owner, you want your readers to understand both who you are and what you do. An attractive “About Us” page featuring compelling, original content will accomplish this feat.  The problem is that too many websites fail to follow this practical rule of website design.  Always be sure to add personality to the About Us page and feel free to add not only information about yourself, but also your inspiration and of course, your business.

The Launch is Just the Beginning

The beauty of website design is that your work is never complete.  Far too many webpage owners adopt the idea that launching the site is the final step.  It is important to understand that the launch is only the beginning.  You will need to continue working actively on your site, updating regularly to show that you are bringing something new to the table.  Websites that host videos or work with current events are in an especially important position to keep their content fresh.  It may take some time to make regular updates to your website but the end result will prove worthwhile.

Functionality First

Among the most important aspects of a successful website is functionality.  One of the best ways to ensure proper functionality is to have someone test the site at every step of the website design.  If you add something new to the site, request that someone look it over.  Always ask for feedback and impartial opinions and remember that your users want all videos, graphics and other elements to load quickly.

Keeping it Consistent

In terms of color scheme, fonts and the overall design of your site, consistency is important.  Too many readers browse through sites that have different color fonts and colors on different pages and then wonder if they are still on the same site.  You want to ensure that the graphics of your site remain consistent, which means that on every page of your site, the logo should appear as it does on the homepage.

The Search Box

Now, you have created an entire site filled with lots of great information.  You want your readers to sift through the pages, but the reader may not always want to do that.  This is the reason why you should include a search box close to the top of the webpage.  Your visitors want the search box to be easy to see and easy to use, so make sure to accomplish this objective.

Rules About Professionals, Family Members and Friends

Great websites come from great designers.  If you have a close friend with experience in web design then ask him for guidance and advice.  You can even enlist the help of a professional website designer.  When you stay dedicated to educating yourself on website design, you too will develop the skills of a professional designer.

However, despite the helpfulness of a friend or family member who can offer web design advice, always avoid actually hiring a friend or family member who is a professional web designer.  Chances are something could go wrong with the website design, in which case your friendship or relationship may suffer the consequence.

It is not too difficult to design a website as long as you take the time to learn a few key principals.  The process of designing a website becomes easier with experience so put these tips to the test and you should be well on your way to web design success.

Author Bio: Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions – a software development company specializing in a plethora of web design and development services.


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