The Next Step in the Google Update Process

The Google Update and What is Next

It seems that the Google update called the Panda update is not enough for Google. It comes as no shock, but they are going to be adding another feature to their very popular search engine and it has been making its’ waves in the internet marketing community. This new update will do many things for Google, but does it really do anything good for the user.

A while back, Google added Twitter feeds as part of the search results. Why, we don’t really know and nobody really cared for this at all, however, they still did it. This did not last very long, as many people had no interest in finding out what was on Twitter when they did a search with Google. It just is not as relevant as Google may have thought.

This is similar to what the new Google update will include and many have already talked about how they may be switching over to Bing and Yahoo for their searches from now on. Some have even mentioned they could start using MC Hammer’s search engine, but it is still only in the beta stages of development.

What the New Google Update Will Bring

Google Update

The new Google update will bring confusion and many things that will not help the user at all. Instead of finding the pages and websites you are after, they are going to include your social feeds from your Google+ account within the search results. This may create some privacy issues, which Google says will not be an issues, but can we trust them?

Do you really want to do a Google search for something you are looking for only to find out what your friends had to say about it? This is not what most people search for and the fact of the matter is that the majority of the people using Google+ are not on there for the same reasons they use Facebook or Twitter.

Most of the Google+ accounts are opened by internet marketers, bloggers, and businesses to get more exposure. Many have opened their accounts to later close them when they find there is not much benefit in having a Google+ account. This is yet another move from the Greedy Google Monster that will most likely fail and could bring them down a peg or two.

If they upset enough searchers with this Google update, they may find that they are no longer in control of the majority of the traffic on the internet. After the Panda update many marketers started looking for other ways to drive traffic to their sites, which means that other ways of finding what you need have increased.

With this Google update, it will only cause more marketers to stop catering to Google and start reaching their potential customers in other ways. This update will cause controversy for sure and it already has created hot threads in many internet marketing forums and other forums. It is already rolling out and if you have a Google+ account, you will soon see a difference in the search results you get.

Why This Google Update will Fail

Even though Google says you can check a box to turn this feature off, it will still fail. This Google update will be questioned by most about the privacy they get from having a Google+ account or don’t get. Google will, most likely, lose many accounts and may finally give up on having a social networking site, we can only hope.

It will also fail because very few people go to their social networking account to search for things their friends have said. This is just not something people are looking for. Instead, they go to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine to find the websites and information they are after. This will not be as easy after this Google update.

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