My Complete Web Hosting Predictions for 2011

Web hosting predictions for 2011 is in part based on new technologies that are being revamped and created anew to meet the increasing demand for integration services, and the advances made by cloud and mobile computing also. The following provides a look at some of the predictions for 2011.

Expansion in Cloud Computing

  • Currently there is much talk in the hosting industry about cloud computing which creates extremely fast networks that consists of switches, load balancers, a system of web servers, and routers. Not all web hosting companies are utilizing the new technology because of the costs involved, but the technology is still developing and evolving.

In 2011 many more hosting companies are expected to invest in cloud computing and offer it as a service to its clients in addition to the already popular shared and dedicated hosting options.


Hybrid Hosting- Growth of Private Cloud

  • Hybrid hosting is the combination of two hosting technologies that includes a Private cloud, is based on the principles of Cloud Computing and imitates cloud computing in dedicated networks. This hybrid is said to provide all of cloud computing’s benefits but none of its pitfalls while providing reliability, and data security. In a nutshell, private cloud provides proprietary network computing and offers hosted service for a restricted number of people behind a firewall.


Control Panel for the Smart Phone

  • Since the developments of the iPhone that  provide electronic control of many aspects of our lives like managing our home security, car functions, airline  boarding pass, and many others, this tool has yet to be used to control our websites and access to our web accounts.  It is expected that in 2011, apps will be created that allow iPhone access to our online hosting and website accounts, facilitating such tasks as viewing and hosting statistics, manipulating email addresses, adjusting security levels and also installing plugins.


Hosting Companies Growth

  • It is expected that hosting companies which had scaled back their expansion because of a slower economy, will now in 2011, in an increasingly more stable economy, be more encouraged to start investing again, and will be upgrading their technologies, investing and expanding in new systems and providing greater valued services to its clients.


These are just a few web hosting predictions for 2011.  For additional information on the upcoming trends in hosting you may access many good resources online or browse these webpages for answers to any question you may have.

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