Using a Complete List of Affiliate Marketing Companies

With a simple query in the search engines you could quite easily and quickly locate a list of affiliate marketing companies for programs to promote. Your results pages will contain a listing of more affiliate marketing companies than you would know what to do with.

This is the easy part. What will continue to be difficult is deciding which of these programs are worthwhile promoting, and which ones will generate a good commission for your efforts.

It is important to note that often the affiliate marketing companies are represented by large networks such as CJ or Clickbank. Because they are the middle man, as it were, often the commission you are paid is reduced by their cut of the proceeds, and is the fee that they charge for the administration of the programs.

An option would be to look to the in-house or privately run affiliate programs, because you may often find that the commissions paid are greater, possibly because no administration fee is involved.

A good example of such a source is More than 5,000 affiliate programs are listed, and you may need to determine your criteria for selecting a program so as not to waste time going through this big selection.

Selecting Good Affiliate Programs

  • Recurring Commission – The best affiliate programs to select are those that offer recurring commission for its affiliates. In this type, commission is earned on the initial sales as well as on the monthly payment amounts the buyer pays to maintain his account with the vendor which may be a hosting company, or a monthly membership of some kind.
  • This will provide a commission to the affiliate for as long as the customer remains a member with the vendor’s program, and it could result in a much more significant payment than the one off payment that would have been received if the affiliate program did not offer recurring commission.
  • High Conversion Rate – The rate of conversion of an affiliate program is a measure of number of sales that result from every 100 visitors to the affiliate’s website. With some affiliate programs, this statistic is provided for the affiliates to see, but if that is not given it can easily be calculated.
  • To calculate this rate for yourself, after you have made about 10 or 30 sales, calculate the number of visitors who visited your website, and estimate the number of sales per 100. If you arrive at a rate of 1-2% then you are converting visitors at a good rate.
  • Low Refund Rate – Likewise, the rate of refund is equally important, since it will affect the net commissions you will earn, and also may indicate that the products is not good if the rate is too high. Anything less than a 5% is a good refund rate.
  • Belief in product – A good affiliate program may often be the result of an affiliate’s connection with the program. If you had prior good experiences with the program, maybe it helped you in the past, or you learned or benefited from it in some way, you would may a good ambassador to promote the program and feel good about it.
  • High Payouts – Certainly receiving a high affiliate commission is a requirement of all affiliates, and a 20 – 35% commission on a $100 item is a good commission.

The preceding should be of assistance to you if you are looking for a list of affiliate marketing companies so that you can seek the best programs to promote.

Selecting the right program for you may be a simple matter of using the statistics of conversion and refunds, selecting those programs that may have positively impacted your life, selecting high commission payouts and those programs with recurring commissions.

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