A Simple and Easy to Follow Social Media Marketing Plan for a Small Business


The Social Media Marketing Plan for a Small Business that Needs a Face

If you do not already have a social media marketing plan for a small business, then you need to get one because it is very powerful to use social media for marketing. Social media sites have started to take over the internet and even cellular phones as well. Some people have 24/7 access to their social media sites.

Small businesses can use these sites to market products, services, and keep their clientele informed. This is a great way to build up a local small business, an online small business, or even for a larger business. Nearly every business uses some form of social media marketing to help drive traffic to their small business and gain new business.

The Simple Social Media Marketing Plan for a Small Business

For this plan we are going to use a local restaurant as an example. You should know that this type of plan can work for anything from a flower shop to an internet marketing business and everything in between. Social media is worldwide and used by huge corporations, but it also helps to level the playing field for a small business as well.

Start by Getting a Twitter Account for your Business

Brand building is a huge way to get your small business more recognized and more popular. You need to open a twitter account for your business and actually learn how to use it in your niche. This can be a line of defense for customer service and it can also help you to manage and build a great reputation. It may not always be about promotions, but it is a great way to tune into your market.

You can choose to follow people that are in your area. For example, using the local restaurant, you can have your twitter name printed on your business cards and on something that dining guests are going to leave your restaurant with. Some of those that come in may follow you by signing up on their phone.

Twitter can be used as a promotion as well and you could get a customer a couple dollars off their bill or a free dessert if they follow you while they are in the restaurant. Just have them do it on their phone and show a manager. This is a great way to build up followers for a local business.

Start a Facebook Fan Page

Nearly everybody that is able to access the internet has a Facebook page. This is one of the most popular ways to stay in contact and waste time at work or home. You can leverage this and turn it into business for yourself. Just create a Facebook profile for yourself, and then create a fan page for your business.

Using the restaurant example, this could be a great way to announce new featured dishes, drink specials, happy hours, and any events you have going on. Just get people in your local area to become fans of your page on Facebook. When they do, their friends will all see it and have the opportunity to become fans as well.

The Final Step in the Social Media Marketing Plan for a Small Business

Now you have one more thing you need to do before you are finished with the social media marketing plan for a small business. You need to go to your website or have the person that manages your website go there and add two buttons to it. You want these to be over to the side where you might have links to other parts of your business.

You want to add a button that allows a visitor to become a fan of yours on Facebook and you want to add a button allowing them to follow you on Twitter. This will allow any visitor to your website to also find you on Facebook and Twitter. These are two of the best sites for building a brand and a reputation for your business.

You have the option to expand this plan and add more social sites if you would like. There are dozens of good social sites that you can add to the mix, but Facebook and Twitter are the main two. These are the two you want to start with when you use the social media marketing plan for a small business.

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