SEO Strategies to Achieve High Ranking Websites

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, uses several tools to gain high ranking results in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Web presence is important to grow and generate customers for any business whether the website is new or it is an existing site.  SEO strategies are comprised of search engine submissions, local citations, web directories, and article directories.  One strategy or a combination of a couple can be utilized, however it is best to use all SEO tools together.  SEO is a science of using methods and techniques to benefit the visibility of a website.


Choosing relevant keywords is the first step to having high ranking websites.  Keywords or key phrases need to be relevant to the products and services offered by that business.  Research needs to be performed to determine how much traffic each keyword gets and how competitive it is.  After keywords are chosen, it is time to get the website to rank for those keywords.

Organic SEO

Search engines are more likely rank websites higher if the backlinks look natural.  Organic backlinks come from producing backlinks by hand rather than running a computer program that sends backlinks all over the internet.  Computer programs will look like spam and are more likely to get rejected by any search engine.

Search Engine Submissions

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have local pages.  Even if a company does not have a website it is in their best interest to list their company on local pages.  Search engine submissions are the first place that a company should list their business.  Local pages are high ranking backlinks plus it allows companies to display their information for customers.

High Ranking Backlinks

Getting backlinks can be a tedious process.  Not all websites are beneficial to have a backlink.  The best backlink comes from a website that has a high page authority and a high domain authority.  Low ranking backlinks are not beneficial for seo purposes.

Article Directories

Article directories are the most time consuming but it provides the best backlinks.  Articles are written with keywords that link back to your site.  Keywords or key phrases are chosen by how many times they are searched by users and their competitiveness.  Articles will be picked up by blogs looking for free content.  The article must be written to interest bloggers and readers to get published on high ranking blogs.  A link can be put in the article or in the author byline depending on the preference of the blog owner.  These high ranking backlinks look organic to search engines.

The Bottom Line

Internet marketing is essential for any website to increase visibility.  If your competitors are using internet marketing strategies then they are probably receiving more traffic to their website.  Utilizing search engine optimization strategies will keep your website a head of the competition.  This is an investment that will benefit your company in the years to come.  Your business cannot afford to fall behind.

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