What is Search Engine Optimization and How can it Help?

When asking, what is search engine optimization, it is important to look at both the short answer and the long answer. In short, search engine optimization or SEO is a marketing strategy used to set up a website or a blog in order to achieve the highest possible ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. It is a strategy designed to create organic search traffic for a website or a blog.

This answer to, what is search engine optimization, really does not break down how to use the SEO strategy or what is involved, however. You need to know more about, what is search engine optimization, than just this short description. Below you are going to find three areas of SEO that are highly important and what they entail.

The Long Answer to, What is Search Engine Optimization?

1. On Site SEO

Answering the question, what is search engine optimization, starts with what you do on you website or blog. Your content can be written and organized in a manner to allow you to gain higher ranking on the search engines. There are specific ways to write content around specific keyword phrases to give you the best possible on site SEO.

If you use the keyword phrase, you are targeting in your headers, in the first and last sentences of the content, and you keep your keyword density at a natural level of 1% to 3%, then you can achieve very strong on site SEO. Another thing you want to do is link to another page or post on your website or blog from the content, link to an external website, and include an image with your main keyword as the “ALT” tag.

2. Linking for SEO

The second part of answering, what is search engine optimization, is to use offsite linking strategies to gain better Google ranking. This is done by getting other websites to link to your website pages, posts, and the main homepage. Many strategies like article marketing, blog commenting, guest blogging, and more can provide you with high quality backlinks from other websites and blogs.

3. Hosting and Domain for Better SEO

The one part of SEO that many people seem to forget is their hosting and their domain name. When you choose a hosting package that has a dedicated IP address you will get a bit of a bump in speed, which helps the SEO of your website or blog. Another thing that can be very helpful is choosing a hosting company known for providing faster load times.

With your domain name you can target a main keyword phrase by including it in the actual domain. By doing this and using the dot com, dot net, or dot org extensions you can increase your chances of being listed higher in the search engine results for your main keyword phrase and other keyword phrases you target.

The Final Answer to, What is Search Engine Optimization?

To put it simply for you, search engine optimization starts with your hosting and domain, and then moves to the content you provide, and finally finishes with the linking power you create from other websites and blogs. It is one of the most powerful strategies for large amounts of sustainable traffic from the search engines. Now you have the complete answer to, what is search engine optimization, and you can use this to boost your traffic from the search engines.

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