Business Blog Hosting – The First Step Towards Success


Why Bloggers Need Business Blog Hosting

There are many different levels of hosting and when you are looking to start as a blogger you need to get business blog hosting. This comes in many different forms and how large you decide to grow will determine the type of business blog hosting you need. Before you start looking for hosting, however, it is important to understand what type of hosting you should choose.

Shared hosting is where it all starts and many bloggers think going cheap is a great way to get started. This is not always the best choice as the cheapest shared hosting packages with most companies will only allow you to host one domain. They will also be limited when it comes to speed and security, which is never a good thing.

This basic package is often times called a personal hosting package. It is more for someone that want so put up a family website or a personal blog for a few people. If you are trying to make money or you want to expand your business with a blog, you need a better package than the cheapest blog hosting offered.

There are two types of hosting that we consider to fall into the category of business blog hosting. One, is the upgraded packages of shared hosting and the other is VPS hosting. You can also use cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting, but these are not always set up just right for blogs and they tend to be a bit pricy for what you really need.

The Two Best Types of Business Blog Hosting

If you are on a budget and you know money is going to be tight, then you want to stick with shared hosting for your business blog hosting. Something you may be unaware of, is that many companies that only carry shared hosting will not allow you to pay monthly. They advertise a monthly amount, but this is for those willing to pay for one, two, or three years of hosting service up front.

Instead of going super cheap on your hosting, you should find one of the companies, like HostGator, that will allow you to pay by the month. It will cost you a few dollars more, but it will keep you from having to spend nearly $100 up front when you purchase multiple years of hosting all at once.

There are a few things you want to look at when upgrading to a better package for your business blog hosting. First, what tools do you get? You need to have WordPress or Joomla, which often come in the Fantastico script or another script library offered to you. Second, you need to look at the security. A dedicated IP can help with search engine rankings and security. This is necessary.

Usually it is only a matter of going from paying $5 a month to $10 to $15 a month to get a better package for your blogging. One last thing, if you are going to be putting up multiple blogs, you will need unlimited domain hosting. This will ensure you can complete all of your projects without having to open a second hosting account.

Those not on such a strict budget can choose VPS hosting to help with their blogs. This will give you the added benefits of extra security and speed. The packages can start under $10 a month and as you grow, you can upgrade to accommodate a new blog, more posts, or anything else you decide you want to host.

The major difference between VPS and shared hosting is the way you share the server. With shared hosting, you are floating on the server with many other hosting accounts, but with VPS hosting you get a partition of the server blocked off specifically for you. This allows for custom security and dedicated resources for your account.

Finalizing your Business Blog Hosting Decision

After you have narrowed down your search for business blog hosting to a couple of choices, you will want to finalize your decision. Read the reviews, look at the features, and choose the company that is best fit for your project. It is not always going to be the cheapest company, but price should not matter when you are trying to get the best business blog hosting for your budget.

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