5 Steps for Creating a Website


What is the Most Important Part of Creating a Website?

The most important part of creating a website is getting the best possible hosting for your website. If you do not get good hosting you are going to struggle with the rest of the steps for creating a website. This is because hosting is where your website lives and if it is living in a house without a roof it is not going to be able to perform as well as if it is living in a nice home.

You have to find a hosting company that is in the top web hosting options because if you do not you will end up with hosting that may not give you the support you need and may also not give them the tools you need to make the money you are trying to make online or to get the functions out of your website that you really need.

The key to getting a company in the top ten hosting companies is to avoid the cheapest website hosting on the internet and to avoid the free hosting options like Google web hosting. Google web hosting might sound appealing and free is a word that we all fall prey to sometimes, but free hosting is limited and Google web hosting is some of the worst hosting you can get.

If you find a hosting company that is considered one of the cheapest website hosting options, then you are going to get hosting that will probably not be as good as hosting that you can get with many other companies. It is always better to stick with one of the top web hosting choices so that you know you are getting good hosting.

Besides if you are creating a website and you go with the cheapest website hosting, then you are literally going to save about $2 to $4 a month compare to hosting that is better. The basic hosting options that the top ten hosting companies offer are not all that expensive compared to the cheapest website hosting you can find.

The 5 Steps you Need for Creating a Website

1. Get a Domain Name

The second most important part of creating a website is to get a domain name that fits your website. It is best if you base this domain name around one of the main keyword that you want to rank for on the search engines. This will make a huge difference when it comes to getting the ranking you want and the traffic you are after.

2. Choose a Design

There are many free templates and cheap templates that you can use to give you the layout you are after for your website. You can also choose to go with a free website builder that will help you get your website up and running fast and easy. It is really all about how much coding you are capable of doing and this is a task you can outsource to a professional as well.

3. Put up your Main Pages

After you have the design of your website you want to put up the main pages. These could be the pages that you use to promote products to make you money or these could just be the pages that have your main content on them as well. Either way these are going to be the pages you are trying to get your visitors to the go to the most.

4. Start Building Traffic

Your main pages are very important and when you are creating a website you want to drive as much traffic to these pages as possible. These come first and you want to drive traffic to these pages as much as you possibly can. You will need to build backlinks to these pages and get some links out there that will help you get traffic to these pages.

5. Put up more Content on your Site

The internet is all about content and whether you are creating a website or you are creating a blog content is still the king. This is what will get you listed on the search engines and this will be responsible for more traffic than anything else. The best part is if you put up good and useful content your traffic will be a side effect of this great content.

Creating a Website to Make you Money

When you want to make money by creating a website you are going to need to monetize your site in one way or another. You will have to choose some affiliate products to promote or you will want to choose some type of advertising to put up on your website. This is something that you have to find and make the decision about for your site.

If you are trying to make money, then hosting becomes even more important and you have to have one of the top ten hosting companies. This is simply because if you go with the cheapest website hosting or with Google web hosting you will not get the speed or functionality that you really need from your hosting.

You do not have much time to catch the attention of your visitors and if your site does not load fast enough they will simply leave your site and visit the sites of your competitors. Make sure you get quality hosting from the top web hosting companies and you will be able to keep more visitors. This is the most important part of creating a website.

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