5 Things to Know About How to Blog for Cash


The First Steps in How to Blog

When you want to know how to blog you have to start by getting good blog hosting. This is where every blog starts and you have to have the best blog hosting for your blog or you may just struggle with the things you need. Good blog hosting will give you the right platforms and options for you to use to monetize the blog properly.

You can start with the top ten hosting companies that are listed on this site and you will find a HostMoster review, a BlueHost review, and a FatCow review to help you find a great blog host. This will give you a benchmark to start with and you can compare all of the other potential hosts to these reviews to help you find the right one for you.

When you read HostMoster reviews and FatCow reviews you are going to find that many of the reviews will talk about how great they are at giving excellent support for bloggers. Those that want to know how to blog will find that either of these blog hosts will fit the bill for what you are looking for. They can both provide you with the best blog hosting possible.

Another thing you have to know about blog hosting is that if you choose one of the cheapest website hosting options or you choose to go with free hosting like Google web hosting you are going to set yourself up for a failure. This is because these are not good hosting options and they will not be good blog hosts for you at all.

The Top 5 Things you Should Know About How to Blog

1. Choosing a Platform

Once you have good blog hosting you are going to have to find a platform for your blog. This is an important part of learning how to blog because if you choose a platform that does not work well for you, then you will struggle. However, if you make sure the blog host you get has the Fantastico script you will have access to both WordPress hosting and Joomla Hosting. These are the two most popular choices for blog platforms.

2. Find the right Monetization

Another thing you need when you want to know how to blog for cash is the right monetization. You can start with affiliate products that fit your blog just right, but you may want to look into Google AdSense advertising as well. These are two of the most popular ways to monetize a blog and if you want to know how to blog for cash you are going to want to know how to use both of these options.

3. Write Posts

The key to blogging is not only having the right blog host, but also writing good posts. All your posts should be a minimum of 500 words and they should contain quality information that can help the reader with anything they are looking for. This is a great way to go about getting ranked on the search engines and finding the traffic you need to really make money with how to blog.

4. Market your Posts

The next thing you have to do is market the posts you put on your blog. This means you want to build backlinks to them, write articles to get traffic to them, and do anything else you can to get people to read your posts. The backlinks and articles will help you to get the posts ranked higher on search engines and that will lead to more exposure and traffic.

5. Expand your Blog

After you learn how to blog and you get your first blog up and running you will want to either expand your blog or build another blog. If you expand your blog you just want to write more posts and market them again. If you are going to build another blog you will want to follow the same process and use a different subject for the new blog.

A Summary of How to Blog for Cash

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to learn how to blog is find great blog hosting. This is done very easily by using the top web hosting companies and reading reviews like the BlueHost review and the different FatCow reviews that are out there. This will allow you to host your own domain name and get started with your blog.

Next you want to find the right platform for you and start to figure out how you are going to monetize your blog. The platform is easy to choose and if you go with WordPress over Joomla hosting you can find many free ways to learn how to use WordPress as a platform for your blog. This is a crucial step when learning how to blog.

After you have your blog up and running it is pretty basic from there. Just create some posts for your blog and start promoting them out there. Then, you will want to either build another blog and start to move forward or you can expand your current blog. If you follow these steps you will know how to blog very soon.

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