Increase your Revenues by Improving your Online Copy

Unfortunately, it’s all too-common: a beautifully designed, professional-looking website that has significantly less-than-stellar copy. We’ve all read it … copy that is boring, unmoving and, sometimes, just plain difficult-to-read.

It’s been proven that the copy on your website can either increase or plummet your online sales. While you can, and should, hire a copywriter experienced in online copy, there are steps you can take to improve how your site reads and performs.

1. Don’t Write about your Company

This first tip sounds impossible. Let me explain.

Your website copy should not be focused on your company, but rather what your visitor gets from doing business with your company. If your sentences begin primarily with “We” or “Our company,” then you’re doing it wrong. The majority of your sentences should begin with “You.”

For example, read the sentences below.

“We are an Internet marketing company that will improve your site’s ranking.”

“Get your site seen with higher rankings, thanks to our Internet marketing company.”

Which one sounds more exciting and appealing?

2. Make it Easy to Read

When reading online, the vast majority of us search, scan, and skip. Make it easy by getting your most important points across, without thinking your page will actually be read, word-for-word.

Use headlines, subheadlines, bullet point lists, and short paragraphs. The short paragraphs should be 2-4 sentences.

3. It Should be Fun Too

The copy shouldn’t just be easy, it should be fun and interesting. Following the first tip will help with this, but there are other ways to make your copy enjoyable. Use words that speak to all the senses as it will engage the reader. Vary the sentence lengths and structures.

4. Paint the Picture of the Benefits

Don’t just say what your product or service will do, paint the picture of how life will be better with your product or service.

For example, if you sell a mosquito catcher, don’t just say “We sell a mosquito catcher that will reduce the population of biting insects in your yard.” Instead, paint the picture: “Imagine enjoying an evening meal in your beautiful backyard, as the sun sets and the stars come out, without being annoyed by buzzing insects. You can have this with our mosquito catcher.”

5. Hide your Keywords in your Copy

Notice we didn’t say “put” keywords in your copy. Instead, you want to hide your keywords in your copy. By this we mean using the keywords so they aren’t detectable by human readers. Your copy should sound natural, not as if you’re writing for search engines.

For example, let’s say the keyword you need to optimize your copy for is “self storage NY.”  It’s easy to write “We offer self storage NY locations.” But, instead, you could write: “It’s the self storage NY residents like you choose for its secure, affordable and easy-to-access units.”

Your next step should probably be learning more about how to write compelling blog copy to sell your mosquito catcher now that you know more about website copywriting. Post written by guest blogger James.

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