3 of the Top Online Marketing Strategies for New Marketers


Online Marketing Strategies for New Internet Marketers and Struggling Internet Marketers

If you are new to the internet marketing game or even if you have been around a bit and you are struggling, then you should know that there are online marketing strategies that work and work very well. There are also some key mistakes that many new and struggling marketers make. Here are a few of the mistakes.

1. Don’t Take Action

One of the biggest mistakes made by a new or struggling marketer is that they really never take action. There are so many success stories from those that had no money to start out and no time and they all have one thing in common. The person the story is about took action and worked the plan they had in front of them.

2. Program Hoppers

Another huge mistake that many new and struggling marketers make is that they hop from one program to another. There are many successful online marketing strategies out there and there is such a thing as information overload. This happens when a marketer spends too much time being distracted by the methods instead of working.

3. Thinking you Need Cash to Start

Too many new and struggling marketers blame their lack of success or lack of taking action on their lack of startup funds. There are many online marketing strategies that do not require any cash to start at all. There are also many online marketing strategies that require less than $20 a month to get started.

Make sure that you understand the mistakes that are listed above so that you do not make these mistakes yourself. These can completely destroy a business and can keep you from ever becoming successful online. If you want to work from home, in your pajamas, and on your computer, then make sure you do not make these mistakes.

2 of the Best Online Marketing Strategies that will Cost you Less than $20 a Month to Start

1. Creating a Service

One of the ways you can make money online without spending a dime is to offer one of your skills up as a service for others. This is typically called freelancing and there are dozens of websites that you can join for free and find jobs to perform for pay.

The services you can perform include writing, editing, building websites, creating graphics, marketing, creating videos, and much more. There are many internet marketers that outsource many of their different tasks to others and they will pay you very well for your time and services.

2. Squidoo Lens and Hubpage building

Another one of the top online marketing strategies to use that will cost you less than $20 is to use Squidoo and Hubpages to sell affiliate products. You can build a lens on Squidoo for free and include links back to an affiliate product that you want to promote for free. You can do the same thing with Hubpages as well.

The great thing is that Google loves Squidoo and Hubpages so you can actually get your lens or page listed on Google for more traffic. You can also get traffic directly from Squidoo and Hubpages with this strategy. This means that you can get traffic from a couple of sources and it will cost you nothing to get started.

3. Article Marketing

Probably the most popular of all the online marketing strategies that cost less than $20 to get started is article marketing. You can start for free and write articles that link back to your Squidoo lens or Hubpage, but a better way to go is to have your own domain and hosting account.

If you get a domain for one year it will cost you around $10 to $20 and if you use shared hosting that you pay monthly you can get good hosting for as little as $4 per month. This is a great way to get started and all you have to do is make sure you have quality content on your site and in your articles so that you will attract readers that will come back over and over again.

A Few Things to Remember When Using Online Marketing Strategies that Don’t Cost Much to Start

Something you have to remember when using these types of online marketing strategies is that you want to always be building for the long term. You do not want to get stuck in the “get rich quick” mentality and expect to make a million dollars overnight. You have to treat this like a real business and build it up.

Once you get a little money coming in invest in getting your own website and hosting. You may even want to invest in having a few different websites in a few different niches. This will give you some diversity and more than one stream of income to help make this a full time career instead of just a part time hobby.

You also want to think about taking these online marketing strategies and outsourcing parts of them once you get some cash coming in. If you are not the best writer, then have someone that is a good writer, create your content and articles. This is a great way to build from simple online marketing strategies to a full time business that makes a full time income.

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