Finding the Right Small Business E-Commerce Hosting Plan

When you are a business looking to go online, you need to consider a small business e-commerce hosting plan. This type of plan will give you the ability to do more with your business website than you may realize. With the right hosting company, you will get everything you need to get started online with everything you are trying to do.

The best hosting can be found from a top company like Inmotion hosting. They provide great e-commerce hosting, which will help you in many ways. You just need to be sure they are right for you and comparing them to a few of the other top choices will help you see why they are such a good choice.

A Few Small Business E-Commerce Hosting Plan Suggestions

A Secure SSL Server

For an ecommerce site security, issues matter a lot. Although many leading technologies are available in the software market, no doubt can help you, but the actual hosting company also matters. Therefore, it will be a best practice if you host you site at a server having SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

The data sent from server is encrypted and can be read only by the browser. That is how no third party can interfere in SSL communication. Thumbs up for SSL certificates for preventing spammers, hackers, and phishing.

Low Downtime servers

The downtime of server directly hits at the online reputation and traffic that has been directed towards your site. Those consumers who are log in to your site at that time lost all their progress and have the nothing, but an unpleasant predefined sorry message from your server. So when looking for a small business e-commerce hosting plan, keep in mind that the best have little or no down time.

It should be rare that your server faces downtime, the technical support team should be competent enough to transfer load of your site abruptly and efficiently. Now a day every service has a claim of 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime rate, but some of them don’t hold true to this claim. On other side, your emphasis should be on high performance and speed too, while looking for a small business ecommerce hosting plan.

As described above about SSL, these kinds of servers takes more load and are slightly slow in comparison with the server having no SSL certificate. Therefore, you should check the server configurations too that either are using cutting edge technology or they become outdated. Since, the latest hardware guaranteed you the reliability and faster speed of your server.

Getting Merchant Accounts Setup with Your Small Business E-Commerce Hosting Plan

Many of the web hosting service providers offer great deals in different aspects. Most of them offer free setup of shopping carts. Inmotion provides one of the best with their e-commerce hosting. These kinds of deals not only save a lot of your time but also remarkably reduce developing cost of your web.

All you have to do is integrate these options into your ecommerce site, not on your own, but with help from them. If you are not good at development or have a small budget, most of web hosts also provide free setup of ecommerce systems like Magento, OScommerece, and others. Therefore, an affordable option is always a good choice.

One of the other things you need to be sure you get from a hosting company is a package with unlimited hosting. Disk space and bandwidth need to be unlimited if you want to make sure you get the right type of package. This will help to ensure you have the right small business e-commerce hosting plan for your company.

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