The 3 Best Options for a Small Business Web Host


Why is Having a Good Small Business Web Host so Important?

A small business web host is one of the most important parts of getting your company online and doing it properly. If you have a website, but you do not have the proper type of hosting, then you are simply going to struggle to make money and get people to your website. There are many hosting options and the industry is very competitive so there is no reason for you to settle for less than the best small business web host for you.

The best small business web host for any business is the one that gives it the best chance for success. It does not matter if this is the best FTP hosting, the best ColdFusion hosting, or even just the best Joomla hosting. If it allows you to completely your project in the way you need to complete it, then it is the right type of hosting for your business.

When you start looking for hosting you are going to encounter many options like the cheapest website hosting and the Google website hosting. These options are not always good choices for a business. The cheapest website hosting is usually going to come from a hosting company that just is not all that good and the Google website hosting is a free option with nothing to offer you that you really want.

Google website hosting is free and it comes with very little space. You also will not able to use your own domain name and this means lower ranking on the search engines and more struggles trying to market your website. The cheapest website hosting is better than Google website hosting; however this is still not a great option for a small business web host.

The Top 3 Options for a Great Small Business Web Host

1. BlueHost

Many internet marketers, bloggers, and small businesses have read the BlueHost review and have agreed that they are one of the most reliable companies in the business. They provide incredible support and they have many packages that you can choose from. Another benefit you will discover in the BlueHost review is that if you pay for a year or two years of hosting up front you can get a free domain name for your website or blog.

BlueHost can provide you with the best blog hosting, the best colocation hosting, Joomla hosting, and many other options. They have packages that start under $10 and go all the way up over $200. It is all about what you think is going to be best for your business and when you read the BlueHost review you will find out why they are one of the most preferred for a small business web host.

2. HostMonster

HostMonster has made a name for themselves simply because they are very supportive of their customers. They take customer service seriously and they do cater to the small business market quite well. They have many options you can find out about in one of the many HostMoster reviews and they can provide you with some of the cheapest website hosting that are actually good.

Since they provide better support than many you will find that they are great for those that do not have much experience with hosting or building a website. They also provide very good blog hosting and they can give you the Fantastico script, which has both WordPress hosting and Joomla hosting. These are the two preferred platforms for blogging and you can find out about them in this HostMoster review.

3. FatCow

FatCow hosting is considered to be the best choice out of all ten on the top 10 hosting list on this site. However, this list is an overview of the hosting world and we are discussing the best small business web host for you. FatCow hosting is very affordable and they do provide a great product for the price they are charging.

The only thing about FatCow hosting that is negative is that they do not offer as many options as many other hosts can. If you read the FatCow review on this site you will learn that if you need specific types of hosting you are better off with another company, but if you are not looking for specialized hosting, then the FatCow review can show you how great the packages they offer are.

Three Tips for Finding the Right Small Business Web Host for Your Company

1. Security

If you need a high amount of security, then you are going to want to find the best colocation hosting. This is also known as dedicated server hosting, which comes in two basic forms. You can purchase a server and rent rack space to have your server secured and kept or you can get the best colocation hosting by renting a server from a web hosting company.

2. Blog Hosting

If you are simply looking to put up a blog for your business, then you do not need the most expensive small business web host. You can use one of the cheapest website hosting options from one of the top web hosting companies and that will give you what you need. This is shared web hosting and just make sure you do not go with the most basic and cheapest package.

3. Simple Website Hosting

Another great option to use as your small business web host is called VPS hosting. This falls in between the shared web hosting option and the best colocation hosting option. You can get great security, speed, and space out of VPS hosting and it will not cost you as much as the dedicated option. This is a great option for a small business because it is affordable and will give you many options for your hosting.

The bottom line is you need good hosting for your website or blog and this means you need to find the right hosting option and the right hosting company to provide it for you. Whether you are after the best colocation hosting or the best blog hosting you need to do your research and make sure you find the best small business web host for you.

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