Best Budget Web Hosting for New Webmasters


Best budget web hosting can be great, but there are a lot of things to be wary of too, just like with many other things, cheap web hosting may be so inexpensive because it sacrifices quality in other parts of the business — for interest services, up time, and quality of servers.

It’s best to actually get what you pay for, and besides shared hosting from top name web hosts, is getting cheaper all the time, who can’t afford $5 to $10 bucks a month on their business?  If you can’t afford that expense, then you honestly shouldn’t be in business.

What to Look for in Best Budget Web Hosting Providers

Here are just a couple of things to watch out for if you’re looking for cheap website hosting providers:

  • Horrible customer service. When you call or email for help, do you get a fast, helpful response? Or do you end up waiting on the phone forever then getting someone on the line who isn’t helpful at all? Many times the budget web hosting might have this issue, so be aware of that.
  • Bad servers. Sometimes the cheap domain hosting site will savemoney by setting up bad servers. This might seem fine while your websites is running as it should, but what about when it cuts out? If this site is for a client or your own business, you definitely do NOT want your site coming offline.
  • No money back guarantee. If you see this, can be a big red flag. These days, the only reason web hosting companies don’t have a guarantee is because they don’t believe in their product. And if they don’t believe in their own product, why should you?  Pretty much all the major web hosts have at least a 30 day guarantee.
  • Poor security. Similar to bad servers, but dealing more with preventing hackers into your stuff. If your hosting company can’t protect your information, then start looking somewhere else immediately.  The big proven industry leaders can afford to pump a lot of dollars into security and are thus a better choice.
  • Pricing. Sure, your budget web hosting site will have fairly cheap prices. But are they cheap enough to justify potential losses in quality? If it’s only a few bucks more for a well-respected company, it may be worth the extra money…we think so.  In fact we know so…we are Web Hosting Masters after all.

The above scenarios and warnings on budget web hosting, are the worst possible cases, but just because the hosting is low cost does not necessarily mean that it is of a poor quality. High costs will not guarantee quality any more than a low cost or a budget web hosting will necessarily give you poor service.

The way to steer clear of poor quality service is to fully compare and contrast the options available to you and then, based on your needs for a hosting company, select the best one for you. What will help you along with that, is knowing what the standards are in the hosting industry,  and what the essential features and resources your website needs.

Only after you have looked at your hosting needs, does the job of selecting from the options available to you become very easy.

The following are some of the features, considerations and resources that must be considered in the best budget web hosting:

  • Guaranteed High Server Uptime – This is by far one of the most critical aspects of a good web host. The standard in the industry is 99% server uptime guarantee, but there are some hosts that promise 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • A webmaster wants to know that his website will  be uo and running 100% of the time or else he may lose customers and it will affect the bottom line of the site if it is revenue generating.
  • Customer Support – Good customer support is a very important feature of any hosting plan. An income generating website becomes a 24 hours a day market place, and as a result any webmaster would like to know that his store is up and running without a hitch 24 hours a days also.
  • The support should be very accessible, and reachable by phone, by chat and by email. They should also speak the same language as you for effective communication, and they should be effective and efficient.
  • Control Panel – The state of the art in control panels is the Cpanel. This is a graphical user interface that allows even the most non-technical individual to easily manage the complex web hosting tasks with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Scripts – These are important to a webmaster who wants to install the CMS platform such as WordPress. Fantastico and SimpleScripts are two scripts that achieve this. Also for the fast deployment of websites, a free website builders should be present and are usually present in the hosting plans of most web hosts.

The true picture of what hosts offer can be obtained by looking at third party reviews and the testimonials of current and past customers of the hosting companies you are considering.

So in conclusion, be careful when you sign up with a budget web hosting site.  As always our top 10 web hosting picks and reviews are here to help you make the right hosting decision.

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