The Advantages Of Windows Reseller Hosting


Windows Reseller Hosting Vs. Linux Reseller Hosting

Recently, Windows Reseller hosting has proved itself to be a more popular alternative compared with the Linux seller hosting platform because of the numerous advantages and features that can be derived from using it.

The following is a battle between Linux reseller hosting and The Advantages Of Windows reseller hosting…at the moment Windows reseller hosting is the winner, but the world of technology often changes quickly.  Here are Web Hosting Masters we bring you the latest and greatest, so if things were to shift, we’d be all over it.

Features & Benefits (Windows Reseller Hosting Vs. Linux Reseller Hosting)

Web Design

1. One of the great advantages of the Windows hosting platform is the ability to use Active Server pages, a Microsoft based application that is frequently used in web page design. There are also many other active programming tools and scripts that the platform will allow you to use, meaning that you will be able to build something suitable for whatever your needs are as long as they can be on Windows reseller hosting.

Database Management

2. In Windows Reseller services, you will find RDMS (a relational database management system) being used which is a type of SQL server that is frequently used because of the great reputation it has as a high-level tool that has worked in projects all over the world, especially in projects where the reliability of the implementation is very important.

More Compatible

3. This option is a great choice for a Reseller business primarily because it is very usable and is also compatible with most of the host devices available,  and with the latest technology,  as opposed to Linux which has spottier coverage. If you want an example of this compatibility that we speak of, you can have a look at sites that run on UNIX systems and how they are still able to be hosted on a Windows server; however, if you were to try and reverse this experiment, you would see that the opposite does not hold true.

In other examples from applications such as Exchange 2007, Windows mobile and ActiveSync, they will run seamlessly in the Windows reseller hosting account. Also the same will apply to SharePoint and Push Technology which run very efficiently and will add a welcome boost to your business on the hosting platform. These services provide a way to effectively promote your reseller hosting service and will contribute greatly to the business’ bottom line.

Single Cpanel

4. One of the biggest reasons for using the Windows platform is its across the board compatibility. For this, we can look at a good example: you will only have to have a single control panel. From this you will be able to track multiple different clients at the same time. This is much different from the Linux reseller web hosting schemes in which you would need to open multiple different control panels to accomplish the same.

Because of this, resellers will have a more challenging time keeping track of their clients. In the Windows reseller hosting, keeping track is not required and it becomes a time and money saver also.

ASP.Net Compatibility

5. This method will allow for the use of ASP. Net and you can use ASP with the Windows Reseller web host service plan as opposed to other plans where you will not be able to. This benefit may be somewhat underrated because this will allow clients to use the very effective ASP and ASP.Net tools which are helpful for web application development and therefore will allow for the development of high quality business sites.

This feature is not available using the Linux reseller hosting.  Because of both the ASP and ASP.Net in the windows reseller hosting plan, you are able to execute popular and efficient content management system.

The running of a number of different applications is possible, regardless of the language they are coded in. Because of this it is possible to execute a site that is based on PHP and also MySQL, alongside another that is running on ASP.Net SQL. A great benefit of the Windows platform is that the applications can all execute on the exact same server, and the same control panel which simplifies things.

SQL Database Power

6. Finally, with this whole arrangement Microsoft throws in SQL Server which is a very reliable alternative and is also powerful enough for all of your data analysis and management needs in your business applications.

Conclusion (Windows Reseller Hosting Vs. Linux Reseller Hosting)

Windows reseller hosting is the clear winner.  It’s not that the Linux platform isn’t great, it is great, in fact some of the latest technology all use every day uses Linux, but in the reseller web hosting market Windows is the top rated server.  Things may change, but for now Windows is the champ.

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