What is an Apache Virtual Host?


An Introduction to an Apache Virtual Host

An Apache virtual host was one of the first real hosting options that hit the internet. It was put together as an alternative to the Netscape servers, which were the only other option out there. It runs on multiple platforms and was able to snatch up a sizable portion of the market because many were fed up with the Netscape options they had available to them.

The Apache virtual host is a patchwork of ideas and software. It was develops in 1994 and was started by a man named Robert McCool. He worked with Brian Behlendorf, Roy Fielding, Rob Hartill, David Robinson, and a few others to develop the first Apache team and the first Apache virtual host. They have even been compared to the Native American Apache tribe.

The Features of the Apache Virtual Host

Two of the main features that the Apache virtual host has are the SSL and TSL support that they provide. They also have a proxy module, common language interfaces support, authentication modules, a rewrite engine, and a server-side programming language as well. These are the different things you can use and get with an Apache virtual host.

Since this is a web server it is used primarily for hosting and you can use one installation for multiple websites. You can also use the free scripts like AWStats and Visitors to view the different Apache logs that come with your website and hosting package. This can help you to see the activity that is on your site at any time.

In 2002 Apache released Apache 2.0, which allowed all users to upgrade for free and gave them all the features listed above. This gave more flexible authorization API and an improved cache as well. This was a huge step for the Apache Company and this allowed the Apache virtual host to continue to be competitive in the marketplace.

The Apache virtual host can serve both static and dynamic web content on the internet and it can serve other applications as well. You can also transmit data over the internet without the worries of a hacker stealing it. The Apache server is very secure and this means you can do many things safely on the internet without any worries.

A New Option that Might Be Better than the Apache Virtual Host

Even though the Apache virtual host started many of the good things we now know about hosting and have at our finger tips, you have to know that there is a hosting option that is better than this one. VPS web hosting is now offered by many of the top ten hosting companies and it can give you many of the benefits that the Apache virtual host could not give you.

If you read a FatCow review, a BlueHost review, or even a HostMoster review you will find that all three of these offer the VPS hosting option. This option was designed to give the internet marketer and the small business a chance to get great hosting without having to buy or rent a dedicated server for their website.

With VPS hosting you are going to get more security, more customization, more speed, and more upgradable space. This means you can host your entire website without worrying about whether you have enough space or speed for it. Plus the added security is something you cannot get with the Apache virtual host.

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