Understanding the New Cloud Computing For Dummies

You’ve probably heard the term cloud computing at some point within the last couple of years. This new technology is considered to be one important piece of the internet’s future and is rapidly growing in popularity and application. More and more companies are utilizing this technology to save money and become more efficient and reliable.

So what is cloud computing? Cloud computing is basically the ability to provide nearly anything related to computing as a service wherever and whenever it is needed.

So why is it called “cloud” computing? The term cloud refers to various sets of networks, storage capacities, hardware and interfaces that allow certain areas of computing to be delivered as a service. There are many different services that can be associated with cloud computing, some of which include: storage via the internet, software delivery, and infrastructure.

There are several main parts to cloud computing. These parts include: flexibility, the ability to use as needed, the option to scale down or upwards, the use of APIs, and the option to pay as you use it. As you may have guessed, the ability to use this technology as you wish is one of the main reasons it’s becoming so popular.

There are really three main types of users of cloud computing. These include:

  1. The main user who is paying for the cloud computing services.
  2. Those who will be managing the data that resides in the cloud.
  3. Those who are responsible for maintaining IT.

There are also different kinds of cloud computing services offered. You can pay to have private clouds if you wish for more security and privacy. You can also choose to use a public cloud. There are also combinations of the two. Having the ability to choose between private and public clouds allows companies to adapt this service to their needs. Some would argue, however, that private cloud computing services are not as secure as they are made up to be.

As a matter of fact, there has been a lot of debate about how secure cloud computing really is. Some would argue that it’s not a reliable method of data transfer and data storage. While both Google and Amazon use it to manage their enormous networks, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s secure. The future of storing data on the internet appears to be with cloud computing and hopefully the security aspect of it can be improved soon.

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