Cloud Hosting Services – The New And The Popular


What are Cloud Hosting Services?

Cloud hosting services are a new type of hosting and this type of hosting is becoming highly popular. Even Apple has discussed giving each iPhone owner their own space on a cloud for hosting apps, music, video, and other files from their phone. It is important to understand how the cloud hosting services work and what you can get from this type of hosting.

You may not need hosting for a website or you may need hosting for much more than a website. This is what the cloud hosting services can do for you and you can use it for anything you need to host. The idea behind cloud hosting is to free up the space on your computer, smartphone, or other device. If this is done correctly, your devices should move faster and you should be better protected.

Cloud hosting comes in a variety of sizes and prices. It will take a bit of research to find the right company to provide you with the cloud hosting you need. It is also important to understand what type of cloud hosting you need for what you are trying to do. Below you will discover the two types of cloud hosting and what they are both best for.

Two Types of Cloud Hosting Services

1. Public Cloud Hosting

The most popular and the type of cloud hosting you probably have heard of is public cloud hosting services. This is a cloud set up to be used by a group or a community. It can hold many different things and allow you to share files, download files, and store files of all types. Most importantly, this type of cloud is very cheap or in some cases free.

What we will probably see, since Apple has discussed it, is a small amount of space on a public cloud included with the data plan you purchase for your smart phone. This cloud space will be able to hold movies, music, apps, and so much more. Then, you can stream any of these file directly to your smartphone whenever you are ready to use them.

The one downfall with public cloud hosting services is the security. Many companies will not want to use this type of cloud hosting and if you are working with files that need a high level of security you will not want to store them on a public cloud. Even though public cloud hosting is very secure, it is not the most secure choice you can find for your cloud hosting.

2. Private Cloud Hosting

The other cloud hosting service you can choose is a private cloud. Typically, this is a cloud set up by a company to be used only by that company. If you have two or more servers, already, then you have the ability to set up a private cloud for your hosting. This can help you take advantage of more of the resources of your servers and actually store the files you need to start without taking up space on company computers.

The best part about using a private cloud is the level of security you get. Since it is your cloud, on your servers, you can customize the security however you want. This means you can actually make sure that your hosting is secured without any questions. The peace of mind you will get from the higher level of security will keep you at ease with your company documents.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting Services?

Cloud hosting services are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. This is the best way, as of right now, to take advantage of the resources of the services. With the ability to host accounts across more than one server with a cloud there is much more you can do with this type of hosting. It is not just for websites and blogs like many other hosting types are.

You need to take the time to look into every type of hosting you may need for your company or for your personal needs. There are many types to choose from and cloud hosting services are only one of the choices you have.

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