5 Different Hosting Solutions for the Beginner


Which Hosting Solutions Should Beginners Avoid?

Beginners cannot just start using any of the hosting solutions because some are very hard to catch onto without the proper knowledge. There are certain options in the hosting world that beginners should stay away from for now and a couple of options that they should avoid always. These are options that are either very advanced or typical choices that beginners make that are mistakes.

You should avoid any difficult hosting solutions like the best colocation hosting, ASP hosting, PHP hosting, the best FTP hosting, and ColdFusion hosting. These are all advanced and you may find that you need them later, but for now you should not waste your time trying to learn them. They take years to master and it is not fun to be spending all your time trying to figure out hosting you cannot use yet.

There are two other hosting solutions that you should avoid because they are simply not good choices for website or blogs. These are Google website hosting and the cheapest website hosting. Google website hosting is free and is horrible. It is not worth the hassle that you will go through and they do not allow you to use your own domain for your website or blog.

The cheapest website hosting is usually not one of the better hosting solutions because it is not going to give you everything you need. It is simply going to cost you less money for more aggravation on your part. The support is going to be slower and they will not have the options you may be looking for in hosting solutions.

5 Good Hosting Solutions for Beginners

1. Blog Hosting

If you are a beginner in the internet marketing world, then one of the best hosting solutions for you is good blog hosting. This could be Joomla hosting or WordPress hosting, but either way it is a great way for a beginner to get started. Blogging is much easier than trying to code an entire website and with Joomla hosting or WordPress hosting it is very easy.

2. Windows Hosting

The best part about using Windows hosting as one of the hosting solutions for you is that you will probably find it very easy. This is, of course, if you are a Windows user and you are planning to use FrontPage to help you put up your website. This is the best solution if you are used to Windows and you want to use FrontPage.

3. One of the Top 10 Hosting Solutions

A great way to find the right hosting solutions for you is to use the top 10 web host lists that are out there. This will help to introduce you to many of the different hosting options can companies. These are all going to give you what you are after and they will all help you with getting a website or blog up and running fast.

4. Shared web Hosting

One of the hosting solutions that many of the top 10 hosting companies feature is shared web hosting. Even though you may not want to use this type of hosting forever it is a great place to start. It is not expensive and when you get shared hosting form one of the top 10 web hosts you will be able to learn how to use it rather easy.

5. VPS web Hosting

Even though VPS hosting is not the cheapest website hosting and it is a bit more advanced than shared hosting it is one of the best hosting solutions for beginners. It is better than shared hosting and it will take a little more time to understand, but once you know how to use VPS hosting you will be well on your way to using the more advanced hosting solutions like PHP hosting or ColdFusion hosting.

A Few Final Thoughts on the Best Hosting Solutions for Beginners

When you are new to internet marketing and you need to find one of the hosting solutions that are going to work best for you, it is important that you are careful. Many recommendations will be made for blog hosting, Windows hosting, Joomla hosting, the cheapest website hosting, Google website hosting, PHP hosting, ASP hosting, and many other hosting options.

You have to be the one that makes the final decision and not some marketer that wants to profit from your choice. It is smart to go with one of the top 10 hosting companies and start with shared website hosting or VPS hosting. This will give you everything you need to get started and you will usually get blog hosting with Joomla hosting and WordPress hosting with these options as well.

Finding the right hosting for your blog or website is very important. This is something you need to take your time with and really understand the decision you are making. If you choose from the top 10 web hosts and you do your research, then you will find the one choice out of the hosting solutions that is right for you.

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