Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting – Which Is The Right Choice?


Shared Vs. Dedicated Hosting – The Price Differences

When looking at shared vs dedicated hosting the first thing you have to look at is the price. This is the biggest difference simply because shared hosting is so much cheaper than dedicated hosting. It will be important to look at much more than just the price, but we will start here simply so you can see how different it is.

Dedicated hosting will cost you anywhere from $60 a month all the way up to thousands of dollars every month. It really depends on what type of dedicated hosting you go for and where you get it from. Renting a server you can start around $60 and work your way up depending on the size of the server you are renting. However, if you want to own your servers you are going to spend thousand to purchase them, then a monthly fee to house them.

Shared hosting, on the other hand, starts as low as $2.50 per month and goes as high as about $20 a month. The packages are quite different when you look at shared vs dedicated hosting and that is why you see the significant differences in the price of both. Shared hosting that is super cheap will give you what you need to put up one website or blog. The more expensive these packages get, the better your resources will be.

Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting – The Speed and Security

Probably the two most significant differences after price are the speed and security of shared vs dedicated hosting. Shared hosting will put you on the same server as many other hosting accounts and you are just floating there sharing the resources in an “all you can eat” type of way. This is not very secure for many reasons.

The major reason this is not the most secure type of hosting is due to sharing a server with others. This means that if one of the other accounts gets hacked into, you will be stuck with the vulnerability of potentially getting hacked into as well. This is not a good thing, but it can be avoided by going with a different type of hosting all together.

The other main difference when looking at shared vs dedicated hosting is the speed. Since you are sharing a server with many other accounts there a good chance you will not always get the speed necessary to help your site load fast. This is due to the other accounts on the server using up the resources when you need them.

Speed is vitally important and if your site loads too slow visitors will click away and land on your competitors sites. You cannot afford this and you want to make sure you are not losing money due to the lack of speed you get with shared hosting, in some cases. This may be a cheaper type of hosting, but that certainly does not make it better.

Now, when you look at shared vs dedicated hosting and you concentrate on what dedicated hosting gives you for the price, you will understand why these are such different types of hosting. Starting with the security, dedicated hosting will give you the entire server for yourself. This is much more secure than sharing a server. You can customize the security and nobody else will be causing you security issues on your server.

When the server is dedicated completely to your account, you will not have security issues because of other accounts. This is best for businesses and individuals with sensitive documents or files they need to host on a server. You also need to understand the ability to customize your security makes a huge difference compared to shared hosting.

Another huge benefit you get with dedicated hosting is the amount of resources you have in front of you. Instead of guessing and wondering what type of speed you will get, you will know. With a dedicated server you will know what your resources are and what your hosting is capable of doing for you.

Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting – The Final Debate

The final thing that needs to be mentioned about shared vs dedicated hosting is what they are best for. Shared hosting is great if all you want to do is put up a personal website or blog. However, if your goal is to build a long-term business online you will need more than shared hosting. You may be able to start with shared hosting, but upgrades will be necessary.

Dedicated hosting is great for businesses and marketers looking to build more than one website or build up high traffic sites. If you plan to see more than 1,000 visitors per day, to your site, you will not be able to survive with shared hosting. When looking at shared vs dedicated hosting, in this situation, you will need dedicated hosting.

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