Best Small Business Antivirus Products

When looking for the best antivirus software it should be noted that protecting your equipment is not the only thing the software should be capable of doing. It should be easy to use, simple to maintain and provide fast and effective solutions to your online security needs.

In addition to protecting your system from virus attacks it should also be able to:

  • Remove software that is not compatible with other software or devices.
  • Automatically reconfigure your firewall  or at least on command
  • Protect the entire network from security breaches
  • Improve your computer’s speed and performance
  • Offer a way to control access to you systems
  • Provide security for both incoming and outgoing email

When choosing an antivirus product for your business always verify you can get the support you need with more than email requests that could take days for the company to respond to. Online support chat is a good option but live telephone support may be more valuable if the virus has shut down your system’s operation.

When installing new programs, there is the possibility that it may not play well with others and a good program should be able to tell you ahead of time that a program needs its own sandbox. Avoiding conflicts before they turn into a problem will save you a lot of time and frustration if a new program causes another one to become confused or run slower.

Your firewall is the main source of protection and being able to assign a virtual patrolman to guard against intruders is a necessity. However, you may need the option to allow certain programs to have full or limited access to your system, such as when an outside agency is troubleshooting to help diagnose problems.

Most antivirus programs schedule routine scans of your system to seek out anything that may have slipped in unnoticed. During these scans, some programs cause the system to run slower interfering with your productivity. An antivirus program needs to be able to scan several files quickly without interrupting your work load.

Malware and adware are possibly the biggest problem when it comes to your computer’s performance. They can impede the system’s operation causing it to run slow or even come to a grinding halt. The software needs to be able to recognize it and wipe it completely off your computer and not just create a way to work around it.

A single command screen will make life easier, especially when dealing with a network as it will allow you to make changes to access for different users and what they are authorized to view in different systems.

Email is one of the principal routes through which problems enter your system and ensuring the software recognizes and alert you to any questionable inclusions in an email will guard against them gaining access to your system. Additionally, your business contacts will not appreciate it if you send them an email that contains a virus so having software that will check all outgoing emails can also be a benefit to you and your future business relationships.

Ilya Elbert blogs for several Computer Support and Technical Support companies and works daily in the virus and spyware removal field.

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