Web Hosting for Dummies: Things To Remember


Web Hosting for Dummies

Today is all about Web Hosting for Dummies. I’m sure many of you have read at least a book or two from the ‘Dummies’ series. For those of you who have, you are going to enjoy this. For those of you who have yet to read one, consider this an introduction. I think you’re going to love this.

Before we can discuss Web Hosting for Dummies and all the possibilities it will open up for you, we must first talk about what exactly web hosting is. It is a type of hosting service via the Internet that allows people to have their websites viewable to anyone who logs onto the internet. A web host is a company that offers space on their server(s), for a price.

This allows internet users around the globe to access the information that you, the client, has organized and placed on your website. This can include but is not limited to text, photos, videos, games, advertisements and much more. Literally anything you can dream up can be added to your site as long as it does not go over the cap limit that the host you are currently signed up through has in place. Some hosting companies do not have any cap; it all depends on how popular they are and how much they can afford to share with their customers.

Web Hosting for Dummies Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

There are even hosting companies out there that offer their services for free. Of course, these companies are typically not going to have that great of customer service and may have more downtime each year but they are great for those who are experimenting with their very first website. If this sounds like you, might as well give this option a try so you can figure out what kinds of things your site needs to offer and what things you can go without.

Web Hosting for Dummies: Experience Means Everything

Now that you know a bit more than when your Website Hosting for Dummies journey began; you are a bit more experienced with how your website is going to work and what you are going to offer; things that have worked for your clients and things that have not, then you should probably think about upgrading to a paid option.

This is going to make you much more money in the long run, as the site is going to be of much higher quality, have less down time and probably look much cleaner. Typically websites that you do not pay to own are going to have ads in place by the web hosting company as this is the main way they make money.

However, when you are paying the hosting company, they do not need ads at all and much of the time, they are going to even let you place your own ads on your site so you can start making money from the traffic that you receive; which in most cases is going to get your money back that you have paid the hosting company (If you work hard and follow what you’ve learned here in Website Hosting for Dummies).

At the end of the day, no matter how great the quality of your hosting service, the only thing that is going to really get your business or website off the ground is you. You need to advertise and market your company to get the results you so badly desire. That’s about all you need to learn from Web Hosting for Dummies!

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