Are There Benefits to Cloud Server Hosting?

cloud-server-hostingThe New Trend of Cloud Hosting
Cloud server hosting is distinct from other web hosting types (VPS, dedicated, shared). It uses not one but a network of several servers at a time. If the website needs resources, it will draw the information it needs from the network of connected servers on demand. As we will discuss, the main advantage is that larger businesses will only pay for the bandwidth that they use and no more.

The web host provides cloud storage of large quantities of a business’ data, backups and other files on its virtual servers.  This type of hosting is a unique solution that’s gaining ground and will be sure to gain advocates over the next few years.

Main Features and Benefits (Cloud Server Hosting)
A very important benefit of this type of hosting is cost effectiveness. In this hosting model you are charged only for the resources that you use — this makes the model appealing and as word gets out we feel that a lot of people are going to make the switch.
The hosting service is scalable and that makes it easy to add applications, databases or other features to the system. Upgrades of this nature do not involve challenges when acquiring additional resources and the operation of downgrading the system can be done as easily as unplugging servers from your computer when they are no longer needed.  Cloud hosting does not require any hardware so that concern is not an issue.  This truly is the wave of the future, in one form or another.
Demand for more resources or power for the website or its applications is seamlessly and automatically delivered when needed and no special consideration needs to be given to the process.  Spikes in resource demands are therefore easily satisfied, and then the resources are released later when the demand lessens.  Efficiency is the name of the game here, nothing is wasted, and that’s why it’s a huge hit with business sites.
Performance, flexibility, and reliability are enhanced in the cloud hosting system since system uptime is guaranteed, and limitations of bandwidth is not an issue and will not result in system crashes.  Real guaranteed uptime…not just promises, sweet.  The only thing is, this is not shared hosting, it costs a bit more, but for those ready, the costs are well worth it.
If your business needs require a lot of bandwidth and power, then cloud hosting may be an option for you to look into further. We provide reviews and other resources on this website for further reading on this type of hosting.

Browse through our pages here as you search for a better understanding of its concepts.

Cloud server hosting is a new concept that offers easy to use services and great benefits. For this reason businesses using dedicated hosting servers and even those using virtual private servers are migrating to a cloud hosting platform.

It is an efficient form of hosting in which good use is made of bandwidth and power and is very reliable.  Check out our best cloud hosting picks for 2011.

Finding the Popular Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting Companies Make a Splash
Cloud computing and cloud hosting are used synonymously and refer to a way of using the Internet to deliver IT resources to its users. A group of networked servers is called the cloud and it is this cloud that provides the variety of resources required by users.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more available to us via some of the largest companies in the U.S., Google and Microsoft being two of them.  If you look at where computing is going, cloud computing is one of the major directions for computers in the next decade.

These resources vary from hard drives and memory, to processing power. Users will pay for only those resources they actually use, and that control allows them to add or remove servers or even to switch to another server if the one they are using is down.

Cloud Hosting Providers make it possible for an efficient use of power and bandwidth that is reliable with produces no waste of either, which we think most business will like.  We’re just taking a stab in the dark though.

Facts on Cloud Server Providers
The hosting originates from a server platform referred to as a Storage Area Network or SAN.
Providers utilize the concept of compute cycles as a way to measure the length of time resources are utilized by users for billing purposes.
This type of hosting makes it possible for a user to expand the business in a short space of time. They are offered the convenience of not having to deal with server crashes, unlike the shared and dedicated types of hosting.
Resources are not required to be installed on the users’ systems for them to be able to use them and that adds to the reliability of the resources.
Because resources can be requested on a real time basis, the need for resources can be scaled up or down to meet spikes in demand.
The whole process is closely monitored to provide continuous operating.
Providers supply a reliability of their service to ongoing businesses as well as to businesses that are in need of recovering their files following a disaster.
Cloud hosting providers make available a novel kind of shared hosting that provides greater performance, flexibility and security. You will be able to get for your website the resources you need for its operation, without experiencing bandwidth or server limitations.

You pay for just the resources you utilize and nothing more. Many excellent reviews and resources are available to assist in your understanding of the processes involved and we also provide comprehensive resources to help you make an informed decision in your choice of providers.

If you have time, check out our best clouding hosting picks and our top web hosting picks for 2011 as well.  That is if you’re in the market for a new web host.  For other information feel free to browse the site, thanks for stopping by.

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