5 Tips on Finding the Best Colocation Hosting

The definition of the best colocation hosting is simple. This type of hosting basically means that you have hosting with a dedicated server that is in someone else’s facility. The most common of this type of hosting is for you to rent a rack in a hosting facility and keep the server you own there. The company that houses your server will provide you with power, bandwidth, and the right type of environment for your server.

When you find the best colocation hosting facility you are going to get air conditioning, fire suppression, and physical security for your server. This means you will not have to worry about whether your server will be protected or not. You will own the server and just rent the space for it to be kept so that you know it will always function properly.

Another version of hosting that could be considered the best colocation hosting for you is to rent a server from a hosting company. In this case you do not own the server, but instead you rent the server and they will house it, maintain it, and provide you with everything you need in order for you to use the hosting for your website.

There is one more version of the best colocation hosting that you have to be aware of and it is rather new. It was introduced a few years ago and is most commonly known as VPS or virtual private server hosting. This allows a hosting company to rent you a portion of a server instead of the entire thing. This is not as expensive as the other two options and is a great choice for those that do not need as much space.

For any web designer, the most important thing for their website is the server on which the site rests. Therefore it is very important for him to find the best colocation hosting for his website. For this the client firstly needs to know what top colocation hosting really is. Colocation hosting is basically a service that is provided by multiple companies. These companies have proper buildings and infrastructures where they store the servers provided to their clients. These store rooms and buildings are basically designed to reduce risks as much as possible.

The servers in this case are taken care by a team of experts. The top colocation web hosting providers give their customers the perfect server environment, bandwidth and power. The area where these servers are places is highly secured and no physical damage can occur to the servers. Their specialties include provide air conditioning to these servers and protecting them from fire.

Another form of the best colocation hosting that people might come across is the renting service. In this case, the hosting company usually owns and maintains the servers however the client has the opportunity of renting one out for him. Even in such a case, the responsibility of maintaining and protecting the server will still lie with the hosting company. However as the client has rented the server therefore no one else can use it.

Today the most popular colocation hosting is the Virtual Private Server also known as VPS. This type of hosting is also known as cloud hosting and computing where all the servers exist in a virtual space. The client in this case tends to get one portion of the server space instead of renting out the entire server. They can increase this space or decrease it according to the traffic and they will get charged for that at the end of the month. Colocation can be a bit tricky if the user is new to this business. Therefore it is important to look for top colocation hosting that fulfills the needs of the user.

Before finding the top choice in colocation hosting services, the user must first have an idea of how much space his website will require. If the website is big and is bound to receive a lot of visitors then the user must choose cloud or dedicated hosting. However if he wants to run a blog or another personal website then he could opt for shared hosting. In case of a bigger business, purchasing a sever would be a better option. Purchasing a server for a website is a really good option however it is also important to find a proper facility where the server can be placed for safekeeping.

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5 Tips to Help you Find Great Colocation Hosts

1. Decide on how much space you need

Before you start looking for hosting you should figure out how much space you really need. If you need a large amount of space, then the best colocation hosting for you might be to rent a rack and purchase your own server. However, if you do not need as much space the VPS hosting option might be the way you want to go.

Whichever option you choose you want to make sure you have plenty of space for your website or websites. Typically if you purchase a server it is better to go with one that has more space than you really need so that you can expand. If you rent a server or get the VPS hosting option you can always upgrade for more space in the future.

2. Find a good hosting company

If you choose to rent a server or use the VPS option the next step is to find the right hosting company for you. There are many to choose from and you will want to make sure you get a hosting company that can provide you with the best support, the best options, and the ability to upgrade if you need more space in the future.

You want to start with the top ten hosting choices that are out there because they are going to be the most reliable hosting options. Compare a few of these choices and read the different reviews so that you will be very confident in what you are getting. This will make it much easier to choose the best colocation hosting for you.

3. Choosing the Proper Facility

If you are going to purchase your own server, then you are looking for something entirely different than if you are going to rent a server or go with the VPS option. When you decide the best colocation hosting is to buy your own server you are going to need to rent a rack from a facility that can provide everything you need for your server.

This means you need to compare a few of these facilities and make sure your server is going to be able to perform at the highest level for you. This will keep you from having to worry about your hosting and having to wonder if your server is going to be safe or not. You want to make sure the company you choose is going to provide enough security, power, and bandwidth for you.

4. Make sure you can expand

Choosing the best colocation hosting is not always easy and many companies overlook the fact that they may need to expand later on in the life of their business. If you choose to rent a server or go with the VPS option expansion is not all that hard. However, if you purchase your own server expansion means getting another server.

You are going to want to house all your servers in the same place so make sure the facility you choose has flexible terms that will allow this. They need to have plenty of rack space in the facility and they need to give you the ability to expand if you need to. As long as they have enough racks for your future plans you will avoid having to move your servers, which is never fun.

5. Make sure you have enough bandwidth

With all three of the best colocation hosting options you to make sure you will have plenty of bandwidth. If you are going to experience a large amount of traffic at any point throughout the year you are going to need to have extra bandwidth so that your servers can handle this boost in traffic. Make sure the hosting company or housing facility you choose can handle what you plan for your business.

A Summary of the Best Colocation Host Options

Basically you have three choices that can all be considered the best colocation hosting depending on your situation. You can purchase your own server and rent a rack at a facility for housing your server, you can rent a server from a hosting company with the dedicated hosting option, or you can choose the VPS web hosting option if you do not need as much space.

All three of these options can give you exactly what you need for your website and you just need to figure out which option is best for you. Once you know what you need you should search through the top ten hosting options or find a facility that can provide you with the ultimate amount of security. This will ensure that you have the best colocation hosting for you.

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