5 Things to Know When you Want to Buy a Website


Why you May want to Buy a Website

If you want to buy a website you may have the right idea for making money online. There are many websites that go up for sale every single day and many of them are worth purchasing if you want to start making money online. You just have to know what to look for and what you need for your new website so that it will continue to be successful.

When you want to buy a website you have to know how to find one that is worth purchasing and how to use a website that you purchase to make money. This is very important because you are not going to be trying to purchase a website for any other reason than to make money. This means that you want to buy a website that is already making money.

Those that buy a website that is already making money will be ahead of the game, but you still have to know a few things before you do this. You need to know what a fair price is, what you need before you buy a website, and what type of website to look for. These are all very important things, but there is always more to the story.

The 5 Things You Better Know if you Want to Buy a Website


The first thing you need before you buy a website is hosting. You need to have your own hosting and it better be decent hosting as well. You want to have hosting that comes from the top 10 hosting companies that are out there. Read some of the different HostMoster reviews and FatCow reviews before you make your decision on hosting.

This is where your new website is going to live and you have to give it a good home. The top ten hosting options are a great place to start because they are the best of the best. You have to find the right host for your website or you may just set your new website up to fail. Make sure you get enough speed, enough space, and a reliable host as well.

2. Avoid Cookie Cutter Sites

When you decide to buy a website you need to avoid the cookie cutter sites that are out there. Many sites that go up for sale look great, but they are not worth the cash they will go for. You do not want a cookie cutter website because these are a dime a dozen and they are hard to get good traffic to for the longer term.

You will learn how to spot these very fast because there will be many of these out there for sale. These types of sites all look very similar except they will be about different things. They might be slightly different from each other, but these are just not good site and they will not help you to make money either.

3. Choose between a Blog and a Website

When you want to buy a website you have to know whether you really want a website or a blog. Blogs are different than website because you will put up posts to them, whereas websites require pages. Posts rank differently on the search engines than pages and many of the best websites have blogs that come along with them.

4. Check the Value

The value of a website comes specifically from a few different things. You can determine the value by the amount of money the site has made the owner for the past three months and how long it has been up. Most website owners expect to sell their site for about 3 months’ worth of income unless it has been making that income for a few years.

If you find a website that has been making a consistent income for a few years you can expect to pay around a full year worth of the income for the site to purchase it. This is very fair if they can prove that it has been making that income for over 2 years straight. You have to decide whether you think it is a good website to purchase or not.

5. Understand the Full Cost

You have to read through the ads carefully that are out there for websites that are for sale and you have to understand what you are getting for the money you are paying. Some website that are for sale will include a month of free hosting, which is mainly there to give you time to get the domain and website all transferred over to your hosting account.

Check and see if you are going to get help with the transfer from the current owner or not as well. If you are not going to get much help with this, then you can look into hiring someone to help you with it if you are unsure how this works. You should also not pay as much if they are not going to help with the transfer of the website.

Where can you Buy a Website?

There are many places you can go and find websites for sale, but there are a few main places that are very good choices if you want to buy a website. You can go to eBay, the Warrior Forum, or the DigitalPoint Forum. These are three of the best places to find good websites that are for sale, as long as you know what to look for.

Probably the most popular place to buy a website is from the DigitalPoint Forum and this is where many of the best listing are going to be. You can go into the forum and sign up for free, then you will be able to view the different websites that are available for you to purchase. Just make sure you choose a website you are going to be happy with.

Make sure you have your hosting account before you buy a website and make sure it is from one of the top ten hosting options so that you will have good enough hosting for your new website. Read a few hosting reviews and make sure you compare a few different choices before your get hosting. Then, you can buy a website knowing you have a place for it to live.

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