Best Web Hosting – How Different Hosting Companies Are Rated


What Determines the Best Web Hosting?

When you start to search for the best web hosting, what do you think is the determining factor that puts one company ahead of another? There are many things that must be looked at and most top ten hosting lists are simply a group of well-known hosting companies that always provide great service and support. This is not the only factor leading us to the best web hosting, however.

Rating a hosting company is not easy because hosting is always changing. The top hosting company last year may not be as good as a few others this year, simply because they have not upgraded their servers to include the new technology that is out. Another thing that could cause this to happen is the packages they offer and how up-to-date they are.

You have to be careful with switching from one hosting company to another or jumping on the bandwagon simply because a company is rated higher this year than another. Most of the determining factors in rating the best web hosting companies are based on how good they are for the new user that has very little experience with the hosting world.

How you can Find the Best Web Hosting for You

Instead of just trusting that the company rated at the top of a list of hosting companies is the best, you should do your own research. The fact of the matter is many of the companies on that same list may be better for what you are trying to do than the top rated hosting company simply because they fit with your project better.

You need to make sure you find the right type of hosting company for you and this can mean that you need to compare a few companies. Before you go this far, however, make sure you have narrowed down exactly what you are trying to do and you have a plan of attack for your project. This will help you determine what type of hosting you need.

One of the reasons we rate the companies, not only in a general way with our top ten hosting list, but also more specifically by the type of hosting you may need is because one company may be a great blog host, but is not the best overall host. This is important to understand because your project may not be all that general.

Start by choosing five companies from one of the lists that work with the type of hosting you are after. If you know you are going to need WordPress or Joomla for your blog, then don’t choose hosting companies for your list unless they can provide you with the platform of your choice. The same goes with any other features you need to have.

After you have your five companies picked out, start looking at the packages they offer. Find the package with each hosting company that you would choose and start comparing the features and tools each provides. You may want to create a spreadsheet or have a notepad in front of you to help figure out which one gives you everything you need.

Now you can read a few reviews on each of the companies to see how they stack up with current and past customers. If they all do very well with the reviews, which is possible, then do your own review by testing the support and really looking at the servers they use. This will help you separate out the top couple of hosting companies for you.

Deciding on the Best Web hosting Company for You

The final decision for the best web hosting for you is not the easiest one to make. You may feel that a couple of companies could provide you with the best web hosting for your project. This is a good thing because if you do choose one and you find out they are not what you thought they were, you can transfer your files before you get too deep into your project.

Confidence will lead you to the best web hosting. If you are confident in one specific hosting choice because of the features, reviews, and price, then you have found the right one for you. It is time to purchase your hosting and start working on your project knowing you have the best web hosting company for you.

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