No More Google Wallet, Says Verizon


Did Verizon Block Google Wallet?

Google recently said that Verizon Wireless is blocking Google Wallet and keeping them from building the new mobile payments applications they are working on for smartphones powered by Android. This could cause some issues, but why would Verizon do such a thing? Why would any company block something Google is doing?

Verizon is set to start selling the new Galaxy Nexus very soon, but it will not be all it was originally supposed to be. This phone was developed by Samsung and Google in an effort to compete with the iPhone brand. It was, originally, supposed to have a payment and rewards app, but it is not going to. This was Google’s attempt to get a piece of the local business advertising market and they will just have to wait.

Google is blaming Verizon for this problem, whereas Verizon has stated they are still in negotiations over the Google Wallet application. They want to make sure it is secure and it put into the phones properly, whereas Google does not seem to be all that concerned. Just what the consumer needs is an application dealing with their money that might not be secured properly.

“We are continuing our commercial discussions with Google on this issue,” Verizon Wireless spokesman Jeffrey Nelson said.

What Will Happen Now with Google Wallet?

Google Wallet

Google and Verizon collaborated up many years ago to introduce the Android phone in response to the very popular iPhone. However, this is a bit of a dispute between the two and they are competing to find the most valuable uses for the smartphones. Google is ready to start taking over even more of the virtual world, but consumers want more than just some pathetic app for transmitting payments.

Verizon has a very good reason for not wanting to include ,a href=””>Google walletin the new Galaxy Nexus and they are sticking to it. They believe this application must be deeply integrated into the phones instead of like many other very common applications. No longer are you dealing with just a way to play music, watch videos, or some game. The Google Wallet application is dealing with the consumer’s money and has to be done properly.

Google wallet will allow consumers to pay for things using their phones. It will also allow them to redeem coupons from their phones and earn loyalty points with participating merchants. It is already installed in some phones from Sprint and Google is betting pretty huge on this app along with the NFC technology it depends on.

What Does Google Wallet do for Google?

Of course, Google wallet brings some type of benefit to Google or they would not be so keen on getting it out there. They don’t do anything without thinking about Google first. This app will allow Google to offer retailers more information about the people that are shopping with them. They will also be able to set up discount programs and incentive programs that work directly with the mobile phone.

Google is looking to profit from selling advertisement and discount offers to local merchants once they collect and inform them of this data. It will probably work, too, considering our necessity for the newest and the best. However, it is not about Google helping anybody, but instead, it is about Google helping themselves, once again.

Verizon has already teamed up with other smart phone carriers and is looking into the competing project. This is project is called Isis and is going to be making its way to smart phones next year. Finally, a company that is not bowing down to Google and just doing what they say. Good job Verizon and continue to block the Google Wallet before Google takes over the entire world.

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