FatCow vs Ipage Hosting – Which Company do You Choose?

fat-cow-logo-bigFatCow vs. Ipage hosting – two very similar types of hosting companies and choosing between the two is not easy. Some may choose FatCow simply because of the very low price, but others may decide Ipage is better due to the longer reputation. After taking the time to compare both companies here are some of the major similarities.

Both FatCow and Ipage offer a very low price for their introductory hosting package. They are literally nickels away from each other and they both include a free domain name with this introductory package. You will notice they are both giving basically unlimited everything with this package as well. You will also find that both companies run vdeck control panel and it is very similar even with the add-on features from one to the other.

The success of your site relies on the ingenuity and commitment that you give to it. Nevertheless, that alone won’t get you where you must be as a site proprietor or a web business. So as to achieve your long term goals, the best plan must be mixed with the website hosting company that can offer you the highest value for your cash. That implies you shouldn’t go running after the lowest price, but the price which will afford you the most elaborate features for the good of your website. To secure a connection with a hosting provider that’s favorable to you and your website, you need to look out for the following features, then check them to be certain you are getting the hottest deal and that is why we have decided to do a detailed review on hosting and show you the differences between FatCow vs Ipage. The client service is of the greatest importance when getting your website designed and uploaded.

Learning a totally new system isn’t without its kinks or learning curves. That explains why you want twenty-four seven round the clock access, so that if you do attract any accidents, questions, or concerns on the way, you can contact a trusty pro by telephone or talk at any point of the day or night. If you’re making an attempt to hold down a real job, or maybe other sides of your business are too lengthy, it’s important to discover a support team that works around your agenda. Unlimited performance capacities are another sign that you’re considering a worthy host. The ones that permit unlimited info storage and transfer rates set your internet site up for success regardless of how quickly it grows.

ipage-logo-compare-fat-cowBy also permitting you to unreservedly control the communication functions through staff e-mail and liberty of design, your hosting provider goes out of its way to be sure the site you finish up with satisfies all of your visions of what it is meant to be. Buyer appreciation is also a very important area that you have to look in to prior to committing to a long term relationship with a website hosting company. The ones that appreciate their clients will be offering discount opportunities at signup and occasionally across the relationship, with the knowledge that buyers who stay with the service are the best kind, and solid working friendship guarantees the success-fulness of everything.

It can also help to chat to existing buyers and get their impressions about the host. Ask for strengths of the service as well as what enhancements, if any, they’d like to see, and address those with the company at the time of sign up. With careful research and discernment between the options, your internet site may be on the way to a long lasting partnership. Below you will learn some of the differences between Ipage and FatCow to help you with trying to determine what one might be the best one for you to have.

One thing these two companies have in common, which has become a huge selling point, is they are both powered 100% by wind energy. This makes both companies green and that means many benefits for the environment and the peace of mind you deserve with your hosting company. They are also both listed in our top ten hosting companies for 2011.

FatCow vs. IPage Hosting – The Differences
The one major difference between the two companies is evident in the FatCow web hosting reviews and the Ipage web hosting reviews. Looking at what current customers are saying about both companies it is evident that the support team from FatCow is much faster and more reliable than Ipage. Ipage support is quite good, but does not get nearly the high remarks from users as FatCow.

It has also been mentioned that the uptime with FatCow is a bit better than with Ipage. This is very important and any hosting company that cannot give you nearly 100% uptime is not worth your time. Both companies offer a high amount of uptime, but according to the Ipage web hosting reviews the uptime is not always perfect.

There really are not that many differences other than a few very minor things here and there. You will find very similar services from both of these top web hosting companies and they both concentrate specifically on shared hosting. There are no other hosting packages and right now the difference in price is less than a quarter with the edge going to Ipage.

FatCow vs. Ipage – Which Hosting Company Should you Choose?
From our experience and from looking at the FatCow web hosting reviews compared to the Ipage web hosting reviews it is pretty clear why FatCow is considered to be our top web hosting company for 2011. We recommend them highly due to the high value they provide for your money. We are big believers in having a hosting company with amazing support and all the customer reviews for FatCow vs. Ipage have shown the support team over at FatCow hosting is better.

If you want to get one of the best choices for hosting online you can go ahead and use the coupon code for FatCow to save a little money. Both companies will require you pay for a full year of hosting at a time, but it is so cheap it does not really matter. When it comes to FatCow vs. Ipage hosting it is recommended to choose FatCow in most cases.

iPage Customer Reviews and What to Look for

What to Expect from iPage Customer Reviews
under-review-hostingWhenever you are looking at iPage customer reviews you need to understand what you can expect out of the real users of this hosting company. Most people will not take the time to put up a full review that tells you everything you need to know. Plus most people don’t use each and every feature offered by their hosting company.

However, within the iPage customer reviews you should be able to find out whether or not the company is reliable and what they might be able to provide for you. It may be necessary to read a few reviews to get the full spectrum as one bad experience cannot speak for everybody hosting their websites and blogs with iPage.

iPage Customer Reviews About Reliability
When you are looking into the different reviews from customers one of the things you should be looking for is how reliable they are. You want a hosting company that is incredibly reliable for your website or blog so that you don’t end up with large amounts of downtime. If their servers go down so does your website and this means you lose out on money.

IPage is able to give you 99.99% uptime and it is guaranteed by the company. Now this in itself is not all that big of a deal because nearly all hosting companies offer this guarantee. What is important is that many of the reviews from actual customers state they have experienced great uptime from iPage.

Another part of the reliability of a hosting company is how good their support is. When you are looking into the company you should always test out the support first to ensure you are going to get answers when you need time. In the rare occasion that your site was to go down you need to have the ability to get it back up rather fast.

The reviews have stated that even though waiting for support from iPage may happen from time to time they are very reliable once you get them on the phone. Their staff is professional and very knowledgeable. Some hosting companies have staff members that tend to talk down to their customers, but not iPage.

What the iPage Customer Reviews Like the Most
After reading through hundreds of reviews about iPage it was clear that many customers liked a few specific things. They love the price offered by this hosting company since it is one of the lowest out there and they really like that the company is 100% green. This means they use wind power to cool their servers instead of electric.

Not only is the company helping to save the environment, but they are also doing so without charging you an arm and a leg. Many reviewers agree that the value found with this hosting company is very strong. If you don’t believe it, go ahead and read a few of the iPage customer reviews for yourself and you will find out exactly what others think of the company.

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